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Jesus did not provide instructions on praying every day, although Paul did speak about "praying without ceasing."

Prayer is an important part of the Christian life, but it is significant that Jesus' teaching was focused on the way we live our lives, rather than on the way we pray.

As can be seen in the related question below, "How did Christians pray?", prayer is an aid to living the Christian life, and a means of focusing on the needs of others.

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Why do Aztecs pray every day?

why do christians or any other religions pray everyday? to contact god and the holy spirit!

How many times a day do Italians pray?

The Muslim Italians pray 5 times a day like other Muslims every where. Christian Italians pray as Christians everywhere.

Do Christians only pray once every Sunday?

Christians do not have rules to indicate that they should pray once on a Sunday, or anything like that. When they attend a worship service, on a Sunday or on any other day, Christians pray at different times during the service. Many Christians pray many times every day, some only pray when they attend worship services or during times of need. Jesus taught us to pray in a way that takes into account God's plan, our own needs, and the needs of others. See the link to the related question, shown below, "How did Christians pray?"

Can christans use rosaries?

Yes. Rosaries were created to aid Christians in praying to god. To this day millions of Christians use the rosary to pray to God every day.

Do Christians have to pray on a certain day?

Christians do not have to pray on a certain day. They can pray whenever they like. Prayer is offered voluntarily, not by obligation. Christians always pray when they go to Church (which is generally on Sunday). They can pray inside a Church building or outside a Church building; it does not matter.

How many times in a day do Christians pray?

Most Christians pray before every meal and before bed and any time during the day depending on the person, they can pray 5-6 times a day. "Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17 This varies depending on the person, if they are very religious they are most likely to pray more often.

How many times a day do Christianity have to pray?

There are no rules setting out how many times a day Christians must pray. Most Christians will pray when they get up, before meals and at night. On other occasions they may pray more in the day and if they are going to any services they will pray at those.

What time of day should Christians pray?

you should pray whenever you want.

How often do Christians pray in a day?

Unlike Muslims, Christians have no specified number of prayers to complete in a day. The Bible say to pray continually, so devout Christians strive to talk to God about everything during the course of a day.

Do Christians pray once a day?

There is no rule that requires Christians to pray a fixed number of times. Paul taught that we should "pray without ceasing," which could mean all day long to try to be aware of God in our lives. Some Christians pray once a day; many other Christians pray whenever they feel like praying. That is closer to the Christian ideal, than following a fixed pattern, although some Christians like to follow a fixed pattern as well as praying at other times as well.

WhAT DO monks do every day?


What day do Greek Orthodox pray?

Every day

How many times do Christians pray?

Mostly two times each dayChristians must earnestly pray at all times and endeavor to act in harmony with their prayers.

What day do Catholics pray for the sick?

.Catholic AnswerThere really is not special day, Catholics pray for the sick every day.

How many prayers does a christian say in a day?

well christians don't really have to pray a certain number each day. most christians pray before meals, giving thinks, also in the morning and at night.

Do Christians of any nationality in the UK pray in the jungle at midnight?

There is no jungle in the UK. The only time Christians might pray at midnight is at the midnight service on Christmas Eve/Day

What day do Catholics remember and pray?

.Catholic AnswerCatholics should remember and pray every day of their lives.

How often does the lord encourage us to pray?

he encourages you to pray every day.

What day do Christians pray?

Everyday actually. They pray for their enemies and the people they love. They have ways to pray. They thank God for dying on the cross for everyone in this worlds sins.

What day do Catholics remember and pray especially for those who are sick?

Catholics pray for the sick every day, there is no special day reserved for this.

Why do Jews pray on Sundays?

Jews pray on Sundays because they pray on every day of the week. However, the Jewish holy day is Saturday, not Sunday.

Do Muslims pray every day?

Most do about 5 times a day.

How many times does Hindus pray a week?

ideally they should pray every day. According to Vedas they should pray to God 3 times a day.

Do Jewish people pray on Saturday?

Religious Jews pray 3 times a day, every day and 4 times on Saturday.

When do the people of Judaism pray?

Religiously observant Jews pray three times a day, every day and four times on Saturday.