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no they are not mermaids

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Little Mermaid,aquamarine,peterpan and bedtimestories

The Little Mermaid, Aquamarine, and Splash to name a few aquamarine,mermaids and the little mermaid and there is also a h2o just add water movie and there is also they series h2o just add water

a gold necklace with a mermaid pendant and pearls or beads

In the 2006 movie Aquamarine the name of the mermaids lover was Raymond. The character of Raymond was played by actor Jake McDorman and the character of Aquamarine was played by actress Sara Paxton.

Phil is 41. Claire is 42. Haley is 19. Alex is 14. Luke is 11.

no they are not real mermaids are just mermaids in h20. the tail is only a costume for the TV. programme.

Splash.The Little Mermaid.Aquamarine.The Mermaid.She Creature.Fish Tales.The Thirteenth Year.

well there is fishtails,mermaids,splash,aquamarine,and the little mermaid and there a some tv series about mermaids mermaid melody,and h2o just add water.

The aquamarines before are believed to be a treasure of the mermaids. It was also used as a talisman for good luck of the sailors.

No. She plays a mermaid in a TV show, but she is not actually a mermaid; mermaids do not really exist.

no,mermaids are not visas they are known to save lives and help humans.they are very pretty.some might be evil and some might not aquamarine that was a fake tail but,there could of been a real mermaid out there just staring at them. mermaids dont bite,scratchc,or chase humans.there are all kinds of mermaids. if that helped look up mermaids and study them maybe one day you'll find something very interesting about them. :)

Maybe youare talking about Aquamarine. Or, maybethe t.v. sow, H2O, but I have not seen the program on t.v. in a while.

of course not, for 1 thing mermaids are NOT real and the 2nd thing is that no one has powers

Aquamarine, Splash, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Diamond is diamond: its composition is C. Aquamarine is aquamarine: its composition is Be3Al2Si6O18.

the lustre for aquamarine is shiny.

Aquamarine is not considered to be a crystal. Aquamarine is the gemstone that is most associated with the month of March.

Haley, Claire, and Aqua were all wearing a stunning dress to the last splash In the movie "Aqua Marine."

yes like sea flower mermaids moon mermaids pearl mermaids sun mermaids and even love mermaids

It's called "makeup". Claire Holt is an actress who portrayed a mermaid in a TV show. She is not really a mermaid, because mermaids do not really exist; she does not have gills, they were added for the show by a makeup/special effects team.

The fracture of aquamarine is cleavage.

Aquamarine has four syllables.

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