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Clouded leopards are not endangered. The IUCN gives the clouded leopard a conservation status of vulnerable, which is one level above endangered and is considered threatened.

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What is being done to save the endangered clouded leopards?

The two subspecies of the clouded leopard are afforded strict protection.

Where the clouded leopards habitat?

Clouded leopards live in the Nepal Himalayas

Why are clouded leopards endangered?

The clouded leopard is officially listed as "vulnerable". Though not "endangered", that is just one step away. The clouded leopard population is generally decreasing because it has been subjected to loss of habitat and illegal hunting for its coat.

How fast are clouded leopards?

Clouded leopards can run up to 45 mph.

Why are clouded leopards called clouded leopards?

Because their markings are cloud shaped!

How many babies can clouded leopards have?

clouded leopards can have around 1-3 cubs

Are clouded leopards in dangered?

Yes! Clouded leopards have been in danger for about a year now. (:

How many clouded leopards are left in captivity?

There are about 7,700 Clouded leopards in captivity and 2,300 in the wild but this is not proven.

Where are clouded leopards found?

clowded leopards are from India

Why do people hunt clouded leopards?

Poachers(illegal animal hunters) hunt clouded leopards for their beautiful fur.

How do clouded leopards protect themselves?

the clouded leopards protect themselves with their claws and sharp teeth

Are clouded leopards big cats or small cats?

Clouded leopards are large cats like a regular leopard

Are there different kinds of leopards?

Yes there are.There are Snow Leopards,Clouded Leopards and so on.

What are facts about clouded leopards?

The clouded leopard is an endangered cat they are beautiful and graceful.They can live up to 21 years.They weigh about 35 to 50 pounds.Clouded leopards eat varied prey, from birds to monkeys to wild pigs.They are gentle and playful and i think they will be cool pets.I learned that females have litters from 2-5 cubs.

How do clouded leopards look different to another clouded leopard?

The Sunda Clouded Leopard has a darker coat

What is a Clouded leopards diet?


How do clouded leopards hibernate?

they don't

What eats clouded leopards?


What are the predators of clouded leopards?


What is a clouded leopards enemies?


Is the clouded leopard an endangered species?

The clouded leopard is becoming endangered because of the lack of habitat.

Why do leopards appear to be clouded?

The clouded leopard has cloud shaped spots on its body. It is called the clouded leopard because of the cloud shaped spots. These leopards are the best climbers in the cat family.

Are clouded leopards considered dangerous to humans?

Clouded leopards are not particuly large but would definatly pose a threat to children or small teenagers

What are some things about White clouded Leopards?

white clouded leopards are like snow leopards but theyare not seen very much.they are smaller then normal size leopards aswell.their spots are different from ohter leopards. bymuhymen mostakim sami

Are SSnow Leopards endangered?

Snow Leopards are an endangered speicies.

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