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Q: Are Diamond Brite pool surfaces expected to be splotchy and uneven looking in color consistency?
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Can a diamond scratch?

Yes. A diamond can scratch hard surfaces, but is not effective in scratching softer surfaces, unless the stone is cracked or broken and has a sharp edge.

What is the use of a diamond pencil?

hi, the use of a diamond tipped pencil is for marking on glass surfaces such as slides

How many surfaces on a diamond?

That answer is indeterminate, because the final number of surfaces depends on the design and work of the cutter as the stone is finished to a gem.

Is a diamond the same as facets?

No. Diamond stones are worked by diamond cutters, who carve and polish facets on the diamond stones, to make the stones sparkle. Facets are flat surfaces on stones that reflect light.

Type of covalent bond found in diamond?

Carbon-carbon single bonds are the only kind existing in diamond, except at surfaces.

What causes the most refraction diamond or glass?

Diamond, because its facets have more surfaces from which to bounce light than does a pane of glass.

What is a shape With 78 sides?

A faucet... Like a diamond which has many reflective surfaces.

Is diamond a negative electron-affinity material?

Diamond is an unique material, which can exhibit both negative and positive electron affinities. A clean diamond surface yields a positive electron affinity of around 0.6 eV. In contrast, hydrogenated and hydroxylated diamond surfaces exhibit negative electron affinities of -1.1 and -2.13 eV, respectively. Moreover, halogenated diamond surfaces give positive electron affinities. Hope this will help :-)

What is the flat surface on a diamond called?

One flat surface is a table. Many flat surfaces are facets.

Can an uncut diamond have 3 smooth surfaces?

A raw diamond can have as many as eight smooth surfaces, if its natural pyramid shape has grown two pyramids together at the base. Without endorsement, you can learn more from the images you find on this site:

What are three important uses for a diamond?

a cutting tool Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any material Wear-resistant parts can be produced by coating surfaces with a thin coating of diamond. In this process, diamond is converted into a vapor that deposits on the surface of parts prone to wear. jewelery diamonds are the epitome of 'bling'

Do real diamonds get glued?

No!Another AnswerOf course a diamond can be glued: anything can be 'glued'. But gluing a diamond defeats its purpose, which is to capture light and reflect and refract it. A glued diamond looses its ability to do its job because some of its surfaces' access to light is blocked.Most likely, if you are looking at a stone set with glue, chances are extremely high that it is not a diamond.

Is it more difficult to keep a baguette diamond clean in it's setting?

Not necessarily true: a baguette diamond or emerald cut diamond is simply more likely to 'show the dirt' more clearly than other cuts of diamond because of their larger tables. A jeweler can educate you on how to best clean these stones regularly, so that they sparkle and shine as expected.

When will Disney re-release Cinderella?

Cinderella is expected to be included in the Diamond Edition releases. No date has been announced yet, though it will be after 2011.

How much is a 1 carat blue diamond worth?

This diamond would be expensive. You can follow the link, below, and inquire as to the price for any of the blue diamonds shown. In addition, Sotheby's recently auctioned a 5.16 carat, blue diamond, with bidding expected in the US$4.6 to US$5.8 million. Read more about this stone, below.

If i found a stone and i thought it was a diamond what could i do to identify it as a real diamond?

Unless you have experience with jewelry, it's difficult to know.If you do have experience, usually, you try to find reasons to believe it is not a diamond.At first glance, does it look like it has rainbow colors coming out of it? If not, and it's just white light, it is probably a CZ or diamond look-alike.To prove it to be non-diamond, look at it under a loupe (10x magnification) and search for:- Scratches. A diamond can't be scratched, though it can be broken and can have natural crystal surfaces on it. If it looks "worn," it's most likely not a diamond.- Rounded Facet Junctions. Where two facets meet, it will be "polished" or rounded. A diamond will have "sharp" junctions.- Glassy or "watery" girdle. A diamond will have a "soft" looking girdle, little tiny facets all the way around, or a flat polished girdle. A CZ's polished girdle will look watery.- Doubling (ghostlike images of the same facet doubled) when looking into the diamond.To prove it to be a diamond, look for inclusions. If it has any mineral inclusions, it's most likely a diamond.Breathe on the diamond. If the diamond fogs up, it is definitely a fake. If not, you have a real diamond in your hands.

What are the top ten hardest rocks?

1. diamond 2.diamond 3.diamond 4.diamond 5.diamond 6.diamond 7.diamond 8. diamond 9.diamond 10.diamond

Which expensive material has a high refractive index and can refract colours of light much better than glass?

Diamond (which is crystalline carbon). Moissanite is an SiC that challenges diamond in many respects, and since the synthetic version comes off patent in 3 or 4 years, it will be expected to be a much more common material, particularly in larger sizes. It has a higher refractive index than diamond.

Is a simulant diamond a real diamond?

No, a simulant diamond is a fake diamond.

How do you breed a diamond dragon in dragon story?

Diamond + Diamond = Diamond

What is the difference between a real diamond and a diamond aura diamond?

a aura diamond is a man made diamond.

Are there any famous examples of diamonds or its uses?

Diamonds are used in the tips of drills and cutting equipment because diamond is that hardest mineral known. Seventy-five percent of all diamonds mined fit in this category of use. Diamonds are also used in jewellery such as diamond rings and diamond necklaces ,because they are very shiny (due to the way their surfaces are cut) and expensive, because only 25% of diamonds mined are gem-stone quality.

Which anniversary is the diamond one?

60th - diamond 70th - diamond and platinum 75th - diamond

What stone can only be cut by diamond?

Diamond. Diamond is, for example, polished with diamond powder.

Is Selma Diamond related to Neil Diamond?

no Neil Diamond is not related to Selma Diamond

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