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Q: Are English walnuts toxic to miniature horses?
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Are weeping willow trees toxic to horses?

True weeping willows are not toxic to horses, but other varieties may be.

What kind of plants are bad for horses?

There are many plants that are toxic to horses, too many to post here. For a good list of plants that are toxic (bad) for horses, visit the ASPCA website. Click the Animal Poison Control link and then go to the Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants. Click horses and you will be provided with a good listing of plants that are not good for horsers. Plus you can click on non-toxic and find what plants can be safely planted around areas where horses are being kept.

Is caffeine toxic to animals in particular dogs horses and parrots?

Caffeine is uncontrollably more toxic to animals including dos, horses, and parrots.

The toxic affect apple seed have on horses?

There is a tiny bit of cyanide in the seeds of horse. They are technically toxic to horses, but only if the horse eats enough of them to raise the level or cyanide in their body to toxic levels.

Is chocolate good for horses?

No,it can be toxic.

What is bad for your horses?

toxic waste

Are tulips poisonous to horses?

Yes Tulips are toxic to horses and should be avoided.

Are potatoes poisonous to horses?

Yes they are, They are members of the Nightshade family and are toxic to horses.

Are ixora plants poisonous to horses or cattle?

It is unclear whether or not Ixora plants are toxic to horses. In cases like these it is best to avoid letting horses have contact with the plants until it is fully determined to be toxic or not.

Are mulberry trees poisonous to horses?

According th the ASPCA, Mulberry trees are non-toxic to horses.

What nuts are dogs allergic to?

Macadamia and walnuts. The rest aren't recommended for dogs but aren't toxic like those.

Is chocolate poisonous to horses?

Yes it is toxic.

Is the arbutus tree toxic to horses?

Known as the Irish Strawberry Tree it is moderately toxic to goats and toxic to most other animal species.

Can horses eat marigold is it safe for them?

Cape Marigold also called African Daisy ( Dimorphotheca Pluvialis) is listed as non-toxic to horses. Other types of Marigold however, such as the Marsh Marigold are toxic and need to be kept away from horses and other animals.

What Foods that are toxic for horses?

well for one i no meat is

Is horse saddle cleaner toxic to horses?

95% not

In the fall are mulberry leaves toxic to horses?


Are potato skins safe to eat for ponies and horses?

No they are not safe, Potatoes are toxic to horses and shouldn't be fed to them.

Are African Daisies poisonous for horses?

African Daisies are listed as non-toxic to horses. If you are at all concerned about them remove them from where the horses could gain access to them.

Can horses eat cellery or broccoli?

Horses can eat celery and it's actually a good treat for them. but broccoli is toxic to horses and should never be fed to them.

Is laurel hedging poisonous to horses?

Cherry Laurel's are extremely toxic to horses, the leaves can cause cyanide poisoning.

Are wild onions toxic to horses?

Eaten long term or in large amounts wild onions (and garlic) can cause anemia in horses.

Are acorn toxic to horses?

No, but too much of them can cause colic.

Can horses eat rhubarb?

No they cannot it is toxic to them and should be avoided.

Can horses eat paint remover?

No, it is toxic to any animal.