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German-Made WWII Games I do not know if there are any German-made WWII games, although I seem to recall that the swastika symbol is now illegal in Germany, so any game would need to be made without this symbol. This would obviously complicate making a WWII game in Germany.


I have played ONE German World War 2 game, and the Americans still won, its kind of like Civil war games made by the south. In my World wide WW2 games, Some of my German friends play American side AND German side.

Etheor: yes, of course, in fact I own one, it's called 'Rush for Berlin' and is fairly obscure.

As aforementioned, swastikas and other symbols associated with the Nazis are illegal to use in Video Games as the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a forbids their use in anything other than 'historical or artistic' works. Video games are classified as children's toys, so they can't use them.

I could go on about the German censorship laws, but that's not related to the question.

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Q: Are Germans allowed to make World War 2 video games and if so are there any?
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