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It is important to note that, as a scavenger that is harvested out of the wild, hermit crabs can very easily be toxic, and certainly unpleasant to eat, much like seagulls or pigeons. Anything a scavenger eats, you eat too, if you eat the scavenger. And scavengers are far less picky then humans, and far more hardy against disease and toxins. Scavengers also often have parasites that, while relativly harmless to them, could be dangerous to other species.

Hermit crabs have almost no "meat." If you have ever seen a lobster being eaten, you can see how little can be consumed. And the Chitin that makes up the hard outer skin of the crab is, by design, immensely tough and therefor inedible.

So, in theory, while a Hermit Crab could be consumed, it would be a disgusting and potentially dangerous meal that provides no nutritional value. This is not including the fact that the process of preparing the crab to be eaten would be immensely cruel to the crab.

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Q: Are Hermit Crabs edible
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what do hermit crabs eat

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