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Are Hugh Hefner's girlfriends allowed to date other men?

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Hef said that if they did want to date other people he of course couldn't stop them because he does it too. But he said that it would "change the dynamic of the relationship." I think they're happy with how it is right now, both finanically and for whatever romantic and friendship reasons are tied in with that. Bridget and Kendra see it more as an opportunity for friendship and commitment and a chance to do the things they love. Holly is more the "main relationship" and sees it as a lifelong thing.

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What are the rules for the Hugh hefners girlfriends?

Abosolutely no guys other than him and staff are allowed inside the mansion unless he gives his permission lol

Do Hugh hefners girlfriends have a curfew?

unfortunetally yes they do

What is Hugh hefners middle name?


Who is kendra wilkinson?

Kendra Wilkinson is an American television personality, model and author. Kendra is best known for being one of Hugh Hefners three girlfriends.

Who is Hugh hefners favorite girl?

Holly Madison

On Entourage what mansion was Drama forbidden to go to?

Hugh Hefners.

Whats Hugh hefners brothers name?

His name is Keith Hefner.

On Entourage whose mansion was Drama forbidden to go to?

Hugh hefners

Who is Hugh Hefners personal secretary?

Hef's personal assistant is Mary O'connor. She's been his assistant foooorreveerrrr.

What happen to Hugh hefner's brother david hefner?

he is hefners son and sources say he has a rare form of amnesia

How many girlfriends has Hugh Hefner had all up?

Hugh hefner has 3 girlfriends at the moment but only one of them is the main 1 he has sex with the other 2 now and them but the main 1 very regular

How many girlfriends does Hugh Hefner have currently?

Hugh Hefner has 1 girlfriend. Krystal

How does Hugh Hefner dump his girlfriends?

He doesn't - why would he ? He collects them!

Which one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends looks the best?

holly madison kendra.

Does Hugh Hefner have a wife currently?

no all his girlfriends left him to find a new love and now he currently has new 3 girlfriends his not married so the answer is no

Where can you find pictures of Kendra Wilkinson?

Kendra Wilkinson is one of Hugh Hefner's 3 girlfriends. She is third next to Bridgette and Holly.

What does Hugh Hefner pay for for his girlfriends?

Well he gives them a free place to live, give them allowance and some more allowance when there's an event. And they have sex with him in return.

Is Holly Madsen still with Hugh Hefner?

No Holly isn't with hefner and in actual fact his three girlfriends who were involved in the series'Girls of the Playboy manison' are no longer dating He either

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Who is Holly Madison?

Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends. You can see her on the reality show, "The Girls Next Door" currently airing on E! but they broke up and now she is dating criss angel

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