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Are Internet and the World Wide Web the same?


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No. The internet is a global, physical network of millions of computers which can communicate by sending and receiving packets of data. The Internet supports many different communication protocols for different applications: e-mail, file transfer, domain resolution, remote terminals and hypertext.

The World Wide Web is just one of those applications; it is based on sending and receiving packets coded using the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The Internet as we know it began to take shape in the 1970s. The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.


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The internet is surely the same as the WORLD WIDE WEB as what you sayed

The world wide web and the internet are the same thing. The world wide web is just an address for the internet.

In popular speech then the Internet means the same as the World Wide Web, but technically, the Internet is the network of computers which runs services such as the World Wide Web, Email, News etc.

There actually isn't any difference. The world wide web is the internet. The internet is the program for the world wide web. Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser, but it's still the same as Internet Explorer.

Internet is the World Wide Web ( www ) .

The World Wide Web is the interface layer that runs on the infrastructure of cables, radio, and servers that form the internet

Yes it is the World Wide Web

because internet refers to world wide web(www.)which is the network connection of world.web is also comes in world wide web(www.) so that it is like same.....

Nothing did. Tim Berners Lee did not get the idea of the internet. He invented to World Wide Web, which is not the same thing. Other people invented the internet. The World Wide Web is just one part of it. He invented the World Wide Web and added it into the internet.

WWW stands for World Wide Web.

yes. www = world wide web.

It's the same as internet. World Wide Web

Seeing as the World Wide Web is an extension to the Internet idea, the Internet came first. The Internet started as a science project between universities, and it grew from there, to become what we today know as the World Wide Web. The Internet is what makes the World Wide Web work - a networking of networks.

The internet is called the World Wide Web is because when you look at links they all are required to have WWW. In the text to make it work. Also World Wide Web stands for the World usage of internet.

what is the world wide web adress called

The Internet can be compared to the road to get to the world wide web which is the street address.

I am not sure ... but I think they are the same.

Yes, it is true, since an ISP is an Internet Service Provider, and since the internet is the World Wide Web, it is true that an ISP connects you to the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web - it is the internet.

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