Are Jewish people nice?

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Yes because James Maslow is Jewish and he is very very nice that's why people like him

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THow many Jewish people live in the UK?

because they nice and cute I love Jewish people

Why did the Danes help the Jewish?

They where really nice people, and felt that the Nazis were wrong.

Was Dorothy lamour Jewish?

yes,she was a nice jewish girl and she had a really nice knish.

What is the Jewish background?

the first thing is Jewish people are nice people i don't even know why people are against them. let me ask you a favor can you tell me why people hate Jewish people the are just normall people what did they ever do to you did they kill someone did they eat your face off? i don't think so. people have to think before they react.

Find a Nice Jewish Girl?

It is the dream of every Jewish mother to have their son find a nice Jewish girl. While it is very dangerous to try to categorize any individual based on their religious upbringing, a nice Jewish girl is one who has good values, believes in family and will always be supportive of her spouse. If you attend religious services or have a circle of Jewish friends, you are very likely to be introduced to a nice Jewish girl.

How can you find a nice Jewish girl in Pittsburgh?

Try Jewish Singles

What are the Jewish people like?

They try to be nice to everyone and treat people how they want to be treated if they can. They have an interesting culture. Look it up on google and you'll see.

How does a nice Jewish man like me meet a nice Jewish girl in Alaska?

Do you belong to a synagogue in your Jewish Community? Very often Jewish Communities have their own "phone books" and you can take part in different activities and organizations. There's also

Was Hitler ever nice to Jewish people?

Presumably, he was nice to his mother's doctor prior to her becoming deathly ill and he was Jewish. However, what matters is what Hitler believed and how he acted while he was seeking or had political power. During that period (1923-1945) he was quite antagonistic and "mean" to the Jews.

How were Jews treated after the war?

Everyone didnt respect them at first and Jewish people hated Germans but these Germans go out of there way to be nice to them.

Where do you meet a nice Jewish girl in Montreal?


Why do people eat corned beef on St. Patricks Day?

Corned beef is a traditional jewish food; when the Irish began moving to America (specifically NYC) their nice Jewish neighbors shared their food.

When do Jewish people eat?

The Jewish religion does not dictate when Jewish people eat. They eat when they are hungry.

Is Jewish people judasim?

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people.

Are Jewish people monotheistic or polytheistic?

Jewish people are monotheistic

What religion are Jewish people?


Are Portugal people nice?

there's nice people and not as nice people in every country, and Portugal is the same. But we're generally nice

Why do Jewish people have money?

It is a myth to think that Jewish people all have money, or that they have more money than Non-Jewish people.

How did the gestapo kidnap Jewish people?

The Gestapo did not kidnap Jewish people, they were rarely involved in Jewish affairs.

Who do the Jewish people believe in?

Jewish BeliefsJewish people believe in one God who created everthing.

What do the Jewish people worship?

Jewish people worship one God

How many Jewish people are in Paris?

2% of Paris has Jewish people

How Jewish people get married?

Jewish people usually have weddings when the get married.

What do Jewish people call the horn?

The Jewish people call it as a shofar.

What religious groups celebrate hanukkah?

Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration: