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No. Jews and Arabs are different peoples, although both are Semitic.

Muslims are followers of Islam, which is a religion; Muslims can be of any race, ethnicity, descent, etc.


God and Allah are different names for the same deity. Jews originating from the Middle East are of the same semitic bloodline as Arabs. Jews too can be of different races as witness the Ethiopian Jews who migrated to modern Israel.

There are similarities betwen the two religions also. For example, the Halaal procedure of preparing and slaughtering animals is very like the Kosher method that is used by Jews. Also, neither Jews or Arabs eat pork as it is considered `unfit`.

Also, note that while "Jew" can refer to either the ethnic group or the religious affiliation (or both), "Muslim" is ONLY a religious affiliation, and NOT a racial or ethnic group. So, it is incorrect to say someone is of "Muslim descent" - that is, there is no "Muslim" race, so no one can be of "Muslim descent".


Muslim faith teaches that everyone is born Muslim and that those who do not recognize affiliation and practice the faith have strayed.

Jewish Answer:

No, but they are not unrelated.

Tradition states that both Jews and Arabs are the descendants of Abraham; the Jews through Isaac and Arabs through Ishmael (see Genesis ch.21 and 25).

While it is true that converts have joined Judaism, DNA analysis has shown that Jewish communities the world over are all related. Remarkably closely.

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Q: Are Jews of Arab or Muslim descent?
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A Muslim of mixed Berber and Arab descent live in northwest Africa.

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A Moroccan

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Arab people are mostly Muslim but there are allot of Christians and Jews too .

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A: There are approximately 4.5-5 million Jews who have of 'Arab' heritage (Iraqi, Iranian, Yemeni, Syrian, and Saudi Arabian), of these, a very small percentage actually live in those countries. While many Arab countries are close to 100% Muslim, it is not universal. 30% of Lebanese Arabs are not Muslim, 11% of Arab Kuwaitis are not Muslim, 10% of Syrian Arabs are not Muslim, 6% of Egyptian Arabs are not Muslim, 5% of Jordanese Arabs are not Muslim: most of these Arab non-Muslims are Christian. In the U.S., two-thirds of Arab-Americans are Christian.

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Are the Palestinians the Arabs Jews or Muslims?

Answer 1This is not a trichotomy. Arab is an ethnicity, Jew is an ethno-religious marker, and Islam is a religion. Therefore a person can (in theory) be an "Arab Jew", a "Jewish Arab", an "Arab Muslim", a "Muslim Arab", or a "formerly Jewish Muslim". (Whether or not these terms are used is something else.) In terms of the Palestinians, they are exclusively Arab, ethnically and the majority are Muslim, but there are some Arab Christian Palestinians, Arab Druze Palestinians (although most Druze identify as Israelis, Lebanese, or Syrians), and Arab Bahai'i Palestinians.Answer 2the people of Palestine are a variety of Muslims and Christians. They used to live in harmony with the Jews under the British State (there was never a Muslim state that exclusively ruled Palestine).As soon as the Jewish areas received independence and Statehood, discord and war broke out.

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Muslim American is one his religion and faith is Islam (he/she can be Arab or non Arab)Arab American is one who his/her mother language is Arabic (he/she cam Muslim or non Muslim)

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Most Arabs are Muslim, while most Muslims are not Arab (because of the large Muslim communities of southern and eastern Asia). Notably, the Prophet Mohammad was an Arab. Many Arabs are Christian, although this community is embattled because of the current politics of Arab lands. Some Jews from Arab lands are considered Arab because their native language is Arabic, but since 1948, the vast majority of Jews that once lived in Arab lands have been forced out, many to Israel (where they now make up the majority) and quite a few to France.

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Fewer than 20 percent of Muslims are Arabs, and nearly half of all Muslims live in South and Southeast Asia. Islam is the world's second largest religion, and it continues to enlarge every day.

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