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Are Jews of Arab or Muslim descent?

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No. Jews and Arabs are different peoples, although both are


Muslims are followers of Islam, which is a religion; Muslims can

be of any race, ethnicity, descent, etc.


God and Allah are different names for the same deity. Jews

originating from the Middle East are of the same semitic bloodline

as Arabs. Jews too can be of different races as witness the

Ethiopian Jews who migrated to modern Israel.

There are similarities betwen the two religions also. For

example, the Halaal procedure of preparing and slaughtering animals

is very like the Kosher method that is used by Jews. Also, neither

Jews or Arabs eat pork as it is considered `unfit`.

Also, note that while "Jew" can refer to either the ethnic group

or the religious affiliation (or both), "Muslim" is ONLY a

religious affiliation, and NOT a racial or ethnic group. So, it is

incorrect to say someone is of "Muslim descent" - that is, there is

no "Muslim" race, so no one can be of "Muslim descent".


Muslim faith teaches that everyone is born Muslim and that those

who do not recognize affiliation and practice the faith have


Jewish Answer:

No, but they are not unrelated.

Tradition states that both Jews and Arabs are the descendants of

Abraham; the Jews through Isaac and Arabs through Ishmael (see

Genesis ch.21 and 25).

While it is true that converts have joined Judaism, DNA analysis

has shown that Jewish communities the world over are all related.

Remarkably closely.

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