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Are Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts related?


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They are brother and sister.


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Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

Yes - fact. He is her brother - Smyrna GA

Yes. Emma Roberts is the daughter of Julia's brother Eric.they are relatedYeah, Julia's Emma's aunt.yes , Julia Roberts is Emma's aunt and is the daughter of Eric Roberts who is also a well known actor

The actress known as Emma Roberts is related to the actress known as Julia Roberts through Emma's father, actor Eric Roberts. So Emma is Julia's niece.

It says on internet websites including Wikipedia and IMDP that Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts are related, however I can't seem to find this true since Eric and Tanya Roberts resemble each other much more so.

The name of Julia Roberts Brother is Eric Roberts.

No. Julia Fiona Roberts was born October 28, 1967, Eric Anthony Roberts was born April 18, 1956.

Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

yes, and her aunt is Julia Roberts :)

No, but Emma Robert's dad - Eric Anthony Roberts is sisters with Julia Fiona Roberts

Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts.

two, Eric Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillian

Yeah, Emma Robert's is Julia Roberts' niece.

No, Julia Roberts and Doris Roberts are not related. Julia Roberts is the daughter of Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou Bredemus. Doris Roberts was born Doris Meltzer and took her step-father's surname.

It might not help but Julia Roberts believes in Hinduism it does not say anything about Eric.

Emma Roberts mom is Kelly Cunningham. And her Dad is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

NO! Tanya was born "Victoria Leigh Blum" which means "Tanya ROberts" is just a screen name while Julia Roberts was born as "Julia Fiona Roberts" so unlikely, and I can agree, THEY ARE NOT RELATED! TY

Emma Roberts mom is named Kelly Cunningham. Her father is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

Yes they are and you can take it to the bank

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