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but they do eat other venomous snakes. The Coral King Snake resembles a Coral Snake, but the stripe pattern is different. Remember: Red touch Yellow, Kill a Fellow; Red touch Black, Good for Jack. You can safely keep a King Snake as a pet. ___________ I would like to add that the red and yellow red and black saying isn't true anywhere but in the United States. It is absolutely true that King snakes of North America are not poisonous, but what you called a Coral King Snake is more properly named a Banded King Snake. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and colorful snakes in the worlkd, and when I was a child, we kept both the Speckled King Snake and the Banded King Snake and placed them in our barn as a control for rats, as well as poisonous snakes. Rattlesnakes were a real problem where I was raised in North Mississippi, and King Snakes were great predators of other snakes, including smaller King Snakes. I have witnessed them swallowing rattlesnakes several times, although I never got to see the initial strike and killing of the rattlesnake. Whenever I was playing in the woods, fields or along the river which ran alongthe back side of our property, and saw a King Snake, I would catch it and place it inside my T-shirt and take it home to release in the barn. I got many a whipping from my Mother for bringing them in the house to play with them. They are very mild mannered and not at all prone to bite, at least the ones I caught were. Way Cool Snakes

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Is the coral king snakes venomous?

No, coral king snakes are not venomous. They are mild mannered snakes that are not known to bite.

Is the Arkansas king snake venomous?

No, there are no venomous king snakes.

Are king snakes venomous or poisons?

Neither - King snakes are constrictors.

Are king snakes poisonious?

No - King snakes are a non-venomous species. They are constrictors

Is a king snake edible?

No. It is venomous. King snakes aren't venomous but I don't know if they are edible.

Are Australian King Snakes venomous?

Members of the King snake family are non-venomous. They are constrictors.

Are California king snakes poisonous?

King snakes are neither poisonous nor venomous.

Are king cobras king snakes?

NO! the cobras belong to the elapidae family which are a group of highly venomous snakes when the king snakes belong to the colubridae family a non venomous group The reason they are called king cobras is because they are the biggest of the venomous snakes and can kill a man in minutes between 15-120 mins.

Are king snakes poisnuses?

No - they are not venomous - they are constrictors.

Is the king cobra one of the biggest snakes?

They are the biggest VENOMOUS snakes.

What snakes eat a rattle snake?

King snakes (non venomous)

Which is a non-poisonous snake?

All snakes are non-poisonous but there are venomous snakes as well as snakes that are non-venomous. Rat snakes, gopher snakes, king snakes, garter snakes and boas and pythons are some examples of non-venomous snakes.

Do king snakes ever lose a fight against venomous snakes?

yes, especially to the king cobra which is by far the largest venomous snake reaching up to 18'. but when matched against similar sized venomous snakes they usually win as it is believed they are immune to most venoms. king snakes are colubrids which is they are constrictors

Will desert king snakes hurt people?

King snakes are capable of biting if not handled properly but are not venomous.

Are CA king snakes poisonous?

No, they are not venomous or poisonous.

Can a king snake kill a poisonus snake?

Yes, in fact it is not uncommon for king snakes to eat venomous snakes.

Is there any other venomous snake larger then the King Cobra?

No. They are the longest venomous snakes in the world

Are king snakes venemous?

No - the king snake species is a non-venomous snake.

Do king snakes eat rattle snakes?

Yes, King Snakes can and do eat venomous snakes, among other prey animals like rodents, including rattle snakes.

Are California king snakes poisinous?

No - they are non-venomous constrictors.

What is the King cobra's diet?

The primary diet of king cobras is other snakes. King cobras commonly eat both venomous and non-venomous snakes. They also occasionally eat birds, lizards, and rodents.

What type of snake is not venomous?

There are many species that are non-venomous. This includes Pythons, King snakes, Boas, Rat snakes, Anacondas etc etc...

What animals that are poisonous start with the letter k?

Kraits are venomous snakes. Katipo is a venomous spider. The King Cobra is a venomous snake.

Are Cobra snakes venomous?

yes it is venomous. it is one of several venomous snakes.

Are coral snakes venomous?

coral snakes are venomous

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