Are Labrador Retrievers hunting dogs?

Labrador were originally bred for hunting yes, just like retrievers, they can both hunt and retrieve, both gun dogs. But they need very strict training, if you shoot down a bird, they MUST retrieve the one you point at, not the one they want, and they can't run off with's hard to train a successful hunting dog without experience. But everyone's got to start somewhere!
Labradors are gun dogs and sporting group dogs. They love to retriever. They were originally bred for hunting. People used to shoot down birds and the lab used to go retrieve that bird and bring it back to their master. These dogs are also incredible runners. My Lab runs very very fast.
Although the Lab was used mainly for retriveing birds (usually waterfowl) they now are one of the most popular breed of dogs for family pets. There are also a great many of them that are used for showing.