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They were involved in the Louisiana Territory, but not its actual purchase. After Thomas Jefferson bought the territory from Napoleon, he sent Lewis & Clark out on an information-gathering mission to the Louisiana and Oregon Territories to, among other things, collect statistical and scientific information, map the area, claim the land for the US, and interact with Native American tribes.

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no, the Louisiana Purchase happened first, that is what Lewis and Clark explored

Lewis and Clark finally reached Louisiana in 1803.

Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana purchase

the french; lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana purchase with Sacajawea as their guide

what Lewis and clark wanted to accomplish was to map the entire Louisiana purchase

Lewis and Clark set about on their expedition in 1803. This was soon after Jefferson's acquisition in the Louisiana Purchase.

Lewis and Clark surveyed the Louisiana Purchase

Lewis and Clark I think were the people who explored the Louisiana purchase Sacajawea guided them

There were over 33 explorers of the Louisiana purchase. The main explorers were William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. The Lewis and Clark expedition lasted from 1804 to 1806.

The Louisiana Purchase was made May 1802 and Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific in November 1805

Lewis. #2 is Clark of The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Corp of Discovery, Lewis and Clark

Explore the Louisiana Purchase area

Their goal was to explore the Louisiana Purchase.

If you are thinking about what Lewis and Clark explored, rather than bought, than they explored the Louisiana Purchase. This was bought by the Americans and explored by Lewis and Clark.

I just read about this a week ago and I can't remember for sure but I think Lewis and Clark were sent to explore, and make trails in the area that was purchased in the Louisiana purchase. So I think Lewis and Clark came second.

The most famous are Lewis and Clark, guided by Pocahantos.

To survey and explore the Louisiana Purchase

To find out what he had bought in the Louisiana Purchase.

they went on with there life and then came in the Louisiana purchase.

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