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No but Xabi Alonso has a brother called Mikel Alonso who used to play for Bolton and now playes for CD Tenerife.

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Are xabi alonso and Fernando alonso related?

No, Xabi is a footballer Fernando is a f1 driver

Are Fernando Llorente related to Fernando Torres?

They are not related, but both are Spanish.

How many spanish winners are there in formula one?

To date of there is only 32 Formula 1 GPs where a spanish driver has won a race and all of them goes to Fernando Alonso. For what races he won see related link. If you meant about the drivers championship then it was 2 back in 2005 and 2006 by Fernando Alonso.

Are Kenny Ortega and Fernando Ortega related?

no, they are not related. Kenny Ortega has California roots. Fernando Ortega is a longtime New Mexican. yes they are

Is Fernando Torres and Eve Torres related?

No. They have the same surname, but they are not related.

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Rylan Turner

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Who is the richest footballer in Africa?

Samuel Eto'o is richest african football playerSee related linkThe richest African footballer is Samuel Etoo.

Is Thomas Muller related to Gerd Muller?

Current professional footballer Thomas Müller (born 1989) is not related to his namesake, former professional footballer, Gerd Müller. Thomas was born in Weilheim, Upper Bavaria, to Klaudia and Gerd Müller, but his father is a different Gerd than the former footballer.

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Are sergio ramos and Fernando Torres related?

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I’m related to Bertie Mee it’s my grandmas uncle

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Is musician Fernando Ortega related to textile billionaire Amancio Ortega?

Yes, they are cousins

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Is Danny Torres related to Fernando Torres?

no he has 1 brother though but he is called Israel Torres sanz

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