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Are Mac's better?



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Here are some facts that prove how both are good

Mac: Fast! It has more programs then the PC. It is good for schools to have for there students because they have may different ways for their projects!! Also, you can personalize everything how you want it, you can make your MAC you! You can have the dock on the left right or bottom. You can change folder icons. You can make your background move or have just a non moving background. You also have more room to have stuff. You have webcams also!! SOME PC do not have webcams. Even teachers say the MAC is better!!!

PC: Strong, durable. Simple and easy for people getting their first laptop.

Now here are some bad things about both programs!!

MAC: I noticed when I got my MAC it started to chip! I am very careful, many other people I know have there laptops chipping!!!! It is easy to break, not as strong!

PC: Slow, you can not be very creative, everyone's is the same, not many programs. Not many choices!

I hope this helped!!!!!!!!