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maggots are but woodlice are

not decomposers

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Q: Are Maggots and woodlice decomposers
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Are maggots decomposers?

Maggots are decomposers because they absorb nutrients from dead bodies.

What roles do maggots play in recycling?

Maggots are decomposers and help to recycle nutrients.

Why are termites and woodlice not decomposers?

They feed on dead things!

Is maggots a decomposers?

Maggots are decomposers because they break down dead tissue. They are so efficient at their jobs that they are sometimes used in medicine to clean wounds.

Are decomposers living or non living?

Decomposers are living things such as:- worms,maggots,etc .

Do woodlice eat dead woodlice?

No; woodlice are almost exclusively herbivorous, and not cannibalistic.However, woodlice are decomposers and do eat decaying or rotting matter such as rotting leaves and even other dead woodlice. I have a woodlice culture and I have observed woodlice eat other dead woodlice.

What are 5 decomposers?

Bacteria, Maggots, earthworms... etc

Are grassland animals decomposers?

Not at all. Decomposers are organisms such as fungi, bacteria, worms and fly maggots.

What are the Decomposers in shrublands?

There are several types of decomposers in shrublands. Maggots, fungi, bacteria, earthworms, and mushrooms are some of the decomposers that can be found in these areas.

What animals are decomposers?

Some animal decomposers are earthworms. Also ants, termites, maggots and other insects.

Decomposers that lives on the forest floor?

Millipedes, centipedes, earthworms, and maggots are some of the decomposers that live on the forest floor.

What are consumers that feed on the bodies of dead organisms?

decomposers, like maggots.

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