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Are Mario Lopez and George Lopez related?

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No. They are not related. Mario Lopez is the son of Mario Lopez Sr.

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no George Lopez is noy related to Mario Lopez

They are not related in any way.

well yes its true search itNo.

George Lopez is NOT Mario Lopez's father.

Jennifer Lopez is not related to Mario Lopez.

Yes because they r both mexcian

No. Lopez is a common name. Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican and George Lopez is Mexican.

No, but George Lopez is related to Sarah Banker, Sarah's grandmother's grandma was 100% Mexican and her Maiden name was Lopez. George is Sarah's 6th or 7th cousin.

Correct AnswersNo. Lopez is a very much common name. Puerto Rican is Jennifer Lopez, and Mexican is Mario Lopez.

They are not directly related, but they might have great ancestors who are related.

Lopez is a common name. Jennifer is Puerto Rican. George is Mexican.

Yes Joey Lopez loves Mario they talk all the time. Nah, Joey Lopez don't play that.

that is completely not true. they have no relationship. Lopez is a common name you idiots!

No they are not related, Jenifer is from Puerto Ricon and George Lopez is Mexican.

no, just people they have the same last name dosnt mean there related in any way

Actually, Jennifer Lopez is his neice. Just because Jennifer is Puerto-Rican and George is Mexican does not mean that they are NOT related.

No they aren't related what so ever.

No, Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez are not related. Lopez is a very common name surname in the Spanish language.No. Just because they have the last name doesn't mean they are related. There may be a super slim chance though of them being related

Yes.Jenifer Lopez is george Lopez's sister.If you compare there faces, they kind of look the same.Well, in my point of view they do.

Mario Lopez has hispanic heritage in him Mario Lopez rox