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Are Minoans ancient Greeks?


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The Minoans were ancient pre-Greeks.


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The Minoans, based on the Greek island of Crete, were the first Greeks.

The Minoans actually lived in ancient Greece, on an island called Crete. They were wiped out due to a volcanic eruption on a nearby island, which resulted in a huge tsunami that killed most of the Minoans. They were not considered Greek because they did not speak Greek. The first "true" Greeks were the Myceneans.

The Minoans were not Greeks, but their civilization was the first to arise in the region that later became Greece.

Ancient Greeks migrated from south of Russia in the fourth millennia. The first Greek civilizations were Cycladic, Minoans, and Mycenaean.

It is not known who the Minoans were defeated by or if they were defeated at all. No one really knows how the Minoan civilization ended. Some scientists do believe that the Greeks had defeated the Minoans though.-x-1. The Minoans were the greeks.(?)2. The Mycenaeans defeated them.

First came the hunter-gatherers and then the farmers. After farmers, the people on the island of Crete became civilized and thus the Minoans came to existence, becoming the first Ancient Greeks. So basically, the hunter gatherers and farmers who lived in Greece are the Ancient Greeks ancestors.

Ancient Minoans lived on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Greeks and Minoans built their empires by adapting to life near the sea. Even with a lack of arable farmland, the Greeks and Minoans were able to feed the people through herding, trading, and farming native crops (olives, grapes, etc.) The Greeks also demonstrated great competence in altering the landscapes for their cities, temples, and monuments. The Minoans, it appears, ended up succumbing to their environment however upon the eruption of the volcano Thera about 3500 years ago.

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Notably the Persians, Minoans and the Egyptians.

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