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Q: Are Muslims allowed to marry Born Again Christians?
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Related questions

Can muslims marry other religions?

Yes,But only men can do that, and they are only allowed to marry Christians or Jews but no other religions.

Can Muslims marry who they want?

Muslim men are allowed to marry the People of the Books (Christians or Jews) and the Muslim women are only allowed to be married to a Muslim man.

Why do Muslim parents encourage their children not to like christians?

Muslims do not encourage their children not to like Christians. Christians and Jews are people of the book as mentioned in the Quran and the people closer to Muslims are Christians as mentioned in the Quran. Muslims are allowed to marry Christians and Jews as they are people of the book. It is therefore a misconception on your part to think that Muslims are encouraged not to like Christians!

Do Muslims marry christian women that are older then they are?

Muslims don't marry Christians at all at least they are not supposed to

Is attending church prohibited in the religion Islam?

No. If a Muslim couldn't find a mosque he can even pray in the Church. Muslims are even allowed to marry Christians and Jews women

What are the similarities and differences in Christian and Islamic marriages?

Muslim men are allowed to marry anyone are Jewish or Christian, whereas women can only marry Muslim men. On the other hand, Christians tend to marry Christians only. Both faiths are against gay marriage. Both faiths also say that sex is reserved for marriage so sex before marriage is prohibited. Muslims marry in Mosques, Christians in Church. Muslims sign a matrimony contract. Dating is seen as haram by many Muslims, so they often do arranged marriage.

Who should Muslims marry?

The Muslims should marry among ONLY the Muslims. The Muslim men are allowed to marry a Jew or Christian women provided she believes in the ONENESS of Almighty Allah in the true sense, that is almost impossible to be found.

Are Hindus allowed to marry Christians?

From a Christian perspective, a Christian would not be allowed to marry a Hindu, regardless of what the Hindu thinks about it. The Bible is quite clear about this.

I am a Hindu vegetarian . i want to marry a Muslim guy . how to marry him?

Muslim men are allowed to marry the People of the Books (Christians or Jews) and the Muslim women are only allowed to be married to a Muslim man. If you are throughly in love with him, become a Muslim. Michael Jackson became a Muslim before he died and you numskulls didn't become Muslims. it is the straight path you dummies.

What should you do if you love a Muslim?

Muslims are not allowed to date, even with muslims. If you are a muslim girl, you may not marry a non muslim man, but if you are a muslim man, u are permitted to marry a nonmuslim.

Do you have to convert to Muslim to marry an Iranian man?

If the Iranian man is muslim.. then yes! Muslims are only allowed to marry people of the same faith.

Can a coptic orthodox marry an evangelical?

No,Coptic Christians are not allowed to marry evengelical,Catholic,Muslim,Jews.etc..Coptic Christians are allowed to Marry Syrian Christian,Ethopian Christian,and sometimes a Greek Christian(It depends what this person believes in)All of these listed above are similar or even the same as the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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