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Are NFL football players changing jerseys every game?


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It depends. Some teams will change jerseys periodically, some teams will wear one home and one road, and an alternate, if applicable, throughout the course of a season. Some players will wear a jersey for one game, if it is a throwback, like the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Sometimes a jersey is worn for one game and then sold for charity. When Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton's rushing record, he wore 4 different jerseys, one for each quarter. Smith kept the jersey worn to break the record, and the other three were given to various people in the Cowboys organization.


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Premiership players usually get new jerseys, socks and other kit for every match. This is why the players can often keep on exchanging the jerseys with the away team after the match.

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It depends on the size of the school and it's football program, how big their funds are. It also depends on the player. A starter who's jersey receives a lot of wear and tear will need a new jersey, while a second string or bench player won't get much damage to their jersey.The big programs use new jerseys every game not only because they look clean and good, but because they sell and auction the jerseys for extra money or donate them to charity's for them to auction. In the past, equipment managers made repairs to jerseys by hand, but since most of the suppliers are Nike or Adidas and the jerseys are not made in the USA, its easier and cheaper to just replace the uniform.

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