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Are Nissan outboard motor good motors?

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The best place to check for reliable reviews would be in a boating magazine. The Mercury outboard motor with 115 horsepower has gotten reasonable reviews. It is one of the only motors to have the shifter built into the twist tiller. It also has nearly smoke free operation. For a complete review see: The 115 HP Mercury Outboard motors get very good reviews from customers and long time users. They are rated highly in terms of power, performance, reliability and efficiency. has been there for me in many of my must learn situatations. Ehow is also a good place to start searching for information on outboard motor maintanance.

What is the value of a good running 1972 100 HP Johnson out board motor

anything over 100 on all cyl is fine and a good motor

Depending on the motor you can use Max Rules. They have a pretty good database for years and hp info.

If it's in really good condition, about $250.

While a decent outboard motor is designed to last for many years to come, the truth of the matter is that many owners drastically lower the lifespan of their outboard motors by failing to properly maintain their equipment. Thankfully, all that most outboard motors require is regular oil changes, annual tune ups and winterization before the first freeze of the winter. This type of maintenance does not require an advanced knowledge of engine repair and can be performed by anyone with some basic mechanical knowledge and a good set of tools. Here is what you need to know about maintaining outboard motors. Regular tune ups are easily the most important part of properly maintaining outboard motors. After visually inspecting your outdoor motor for leaks and cracks in the blade, begin by checking, draining and replacing your motor’s fluids. Drain the lubricant into a safe container and fill up the reservoir with the type of lubricant recommended by your owner’s manual. Next, tighten any loose screws and bolts and wipe down the entire motor. Finally, replace the spark plugs and fuel filter and apply a coat of wax to the exterior of the motor. In addition to regular tuneups it is also necessary to properly winterize your outboard motor once you are certain that you will no longer be taking it out for the rest of the year. Flush your motor with freshwater add some fuel conditioner to the fuel tank. After running the engine and letting it cool, drain the engine of fuel and apply lubricant to the spark plugs. Store the motor under a tarp for the winter in a cool, clean place. Although knowing how to maintain your outboard motor can make your equipment continue running smoothly for well over a decade, it can also be useful to understand the basics of how your motor works if you run into engine trouble while you are out on the open water. Nearly everyone who has spent much time in the boating community has heard at least a couple of horror stories about people who suddenly found themselves in a very dangerous situation when their equipments stopped working far from the shore. Some basic knowledge of how to fix an outboard motor will enable you to be able to tell when it is time to head for shore or radio for help before it is too late.

Motors have quite varying prices, and you get what you pay for. If you buy a 30 dollar motor, it will be good, but not amazing. For 50 dollars you can get a very good motor, and then if you dish out the 100 dollars for a systema motor, you can have pretty much the best motor in airsoft.

No, The intrepid itself is a pile. I had one for not even six months and the motor blew up on me. Only way your motor is going to be good is if you rebuild the whole motor.

Electrical motor specifications describe the characteristics of the motor. They are seen on the nameplate of a motor. See the PDF file of the link below for a good description of them.

KA 39 is a 1939 johnson 9.8hp Good motor I have a restored one

Contact your local Mercury Dealership they can tell you everything about the motor with a good serial number.

Yes. Certain types of motor. The best for this are DC motors with a permanent magnet field. DC motors with a field windings, need an excitation voltage to produce power. Simply rotate the motor, with an external force and DC current comes out of where you normally put power in. AC motors, induction motors, (squirrel cage type, typically used for domestic fans) are no good.

I just paid $850 for one and thats a good deal!

See if you are getting power to the motor - if so motor is bad - if not could be a bad switch

This is a fairly vague question to answer, but generally all that is needed for an outboard carburetor is a good cleaning, and to install a new gasket kit. Hope this helps.

Most outboard manufacturers recommend a good quality 10W-30 motor oil for use in colder climates.

Mercurys of that age are a collectors motor but without knowing condition 25$ for a parts motor 100-200$ for a running example in good condition

It is not a good choice at all. For a very different reason. Almost no original parts are available. What might be available is a visual substitute which may or may not work properly and even these substituted parts are difficult to identify or cross reference. Few shops will even tackle a repair on these motors because of that.

The 9.8 hp Mercury outboard, serial number 3800545, would be a 1974 year model. As far as finding specifications on the engine, a repair manual is a good investment.

My grandson has a Johnson 8 outboard motor,Model JBREUC. We were working on it, and noticed a sticker on the inside of the motor cover. (cowling?) It indicates a date of 1997. This might give you ballpark date. Look at yours and see if you,too, have a sticker. Good luck!

It is a 1962 model. The 62 indicates that it was manufactured in 1962 and the 1332 means it was the 1,332nd motor assembled in that year. Good Luck !

I contacted Mercury Marine outboard division and they answered within a week. Very good response.

the beretta and lumina motors are about the same i have a lumina motor in my 95 beretta

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