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Palestinians are not all Muslims. Palestinians are consisting of Palestinian christian and Palestinian Muslims but the percentage of Palestinian Christian has greatly diminished since the Israeli occupation especially during the Deir Yassin Massacre of 1948. As the stories of Palestinian Christian is not widely told, many people seem to forget their existence and take for granted that all Palestinian are Muslims and their plight has been forgotten.

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Q: Are Palestine Muslims
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Related questions

Are the palestine people muslims?

Yes. Most of the people of Palestine are the Muslims.

What was the palestien?

Its Palestine. Palestine is a country for muslims. Its a shape of Illinois if you look carefully. Palestine has both Jews and Muslims. One of there city is Ramallah. Really beautiful. Ramallah has lots of shops, doctors, and more. Palestine is in Isreal.

When did Muslims enter palestine?

The Muslims entered Palestine during the reign of the second Rightful Caliph Hazrat Omar (RAU) in the 7th CE.

How many Muslims are there in Palestine?


What is the original religion of palestine?

Judaism predates the presence of both Christians and Muslims in Palestine.

Does Palestine have many Muslims?

Yes, the Majority.

Why are there conflicts in Palestine?

The Muslims and Jews both claim that Palestine is their land at that they have been living there for thousands of years. The Muslims do not have any proof of their claim, but the Jews do.

Why did the church call for the crusade or holy wars?

The Muslims had control over Palestine, where Jesus lived and died (especially Jerusalem, which is located in Palestine). The Crusades were an attempt to put Christians back in control of Palestine. The Crusades were for the most part a failed military disaster, and finally the Christians and the Muslims came to an agreement: The Muslims would continue to control Palestine, and the Christians were allowed to visit there and make pilgrimages to Holy Sites in Palestine.

What did the European Christians do to try to free Palestine from the Muslims?

They fought against the Muslims in a number of Crusades.

Since when have the muslims and the jews been fighting for palestine?

Jews first fought for Palestine in the Biblical Period (around 1000 BCE). Muslims first fought for Palestine in 634 CE. If the question means to ask when they first fought each other for Palestine, there were pogroms and violent outbursts between Jews of the Yishuv and Settled Arabs of Palestine as early as the later 1920s.

When did the muslims take over palestine?

Caliph Omar of the Rightly-Guided Caliphate conquered Palestine from the Byzantine Empire. While it is true that Jerusalem was entered without bloodshed, the conquest of Palestine was actually quite violent. The critical battle was the Battle of Ajnadayn (in Beit Guvrin, Israel today) in 634 C.E., but others included the Battle of Dathin (in Gaza) in 634 C.E. and the Battle of Pella (in Jordan) in 635 C.E. The Muslims lost Palestine while there were the Crusader Kingdoms (1099-1291). The Muslims regained Palestine afterwards by the Ayyubid Caliphate, led by Saladdin. The Muslims lost Palestine again in 1919 when the British took over Mandatory control. The Muslims have regained power over Palestine only in certain areas, such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Zone A.

Should they destroy the wall built between Islam and Palestine?

There is no wall between Islam and Palestine, most Palestinians are Muslims.

Which two groups claimed Palestine as their homeland?

Jews and Muslims

Why did Muslims fight to regain control over Palestine?

Muslims and Jews have been fighting over Palestine for thousands of years. Both religions claim that the land is holy and was given to them by God, and both religiously are right.

What two names for the country that Muslims and Jews claim?

palestine and isreal although in my opinion there is no such thing as isreal, only palestine.

Which factor most contributed to Palestine becoming a contested territory in the 20th century?

Answer this question… Great Britain had promised lands in Palestine to both Muslims and Jews.

Why are the Muslims and the jewishs fighting over masjid al AQSA?

they fighting because Israel attacked palestine and they trying to take over palestine but they couldn't

What factor most contributed to Palestine becoming a contested territory in the Th century?

Great britain had promised lands in palestine to both muslims and jews

What series of religious war between Christians and Muslims over Palestine?


Why is palestine important to all Muslims?

Palestine is very important to Muslims. Palestine is the home to many Musims, including my own parents. I am Arab American and just as important my American pride is, so is my Palestine pride. Everyone has a natural love and respect for their homeland. It is also said that Day of Judgment will happen, once Musims are freed of this occupation, in regards of Isreal's hold on Paalestine.

Who does the country of Palestine belong to?

Palestine belongs to the Muslims. However, it used to be a sacred land where most of the Prophets (May peace be upon them all) were born. The Muslims believe in all the Prophets of Almighty Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) being the last Prophet. The land is considered sacred by the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims.

Where are Muslims from?

Muslims live all over the world & in all countries less then 15% of Muslims are Arab majority are from south asia but the prophet of Islam, Muhammad pbuh is from Saudi Arabia, just like Abraham. Jesus was from palestine and moses split the sea between yemen and Egypt and brought the Jews to palestine.

The Jewish people called their new home Israel but to the Muslims the area was part of what?


How did islam spread in Palestine?

Palestine was first conquered by Muslims led by General Khalid al-Waleed under the banner of Caliph Omar in 634 C.E. With the exception of about a century of the Crusader Kingdoms, Palestine was under Islamic control until 1919 C.E. when it came under British control. Once Palestine was controlled by Muslims, who used discriminatory practices to promote Islam, large sections of the population converted.

Is the conflict in Palestine between Jews and Muslims?

The dominant conflict in Palestine is between Israelis (who are predominantly Jewish) and Palestinians (who are predominantly Muslim), but the conflict is a political one, not a religious one.