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Romeo and Juliet never were alive. They are fictional characters in a play.


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No. They died in the play.

She looks like she is still alive. Romeo doesn't think of the reason, which is that she actually is still alive.

Could be. But only by days if so.

Lady Capulet is still alive at the end of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet, as everyone knows, is not.

Juliet is still alive.Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo, but Romeo killed him instead.Romeo could have got the death sentence for killing Tybalt, but he got lucky and was only sentenced to banishment, which means that he and Juliet might still get together.

Juliet and romeo were still in love and it didn't make a difference

Friar Lawrence is reluctant to marry Paris and Juliet because he had already married Juliet to Romeo. Romeo was still alive and they would therefore be committing bigamy.

While he is still alive? "Either my eyesight fails or thou lookest pale".

They were not real they we made up in a story.

That he will do his best to stay alive for Juliet

We know that Juliet is not dead and that Romeo is mistaken when he thinks so. It is even more ironic in that Romeo is supposed to know that she is alive--that is the whole point of the exercise.

Romeo is the hero of Romeo and Juliet. He is the male love interest of Juliet. Their families are fighting, and they still manage to fall in love.

yes. because of this, he killed himself. Juliet was still alive, however. she ended up committing suicide also.

Hi killed himself and then juliet was still alive so she saw Romeo kill himself so she actually did suicide. THE END

Because if he is banished then him and Juliet still know he's alive. If he was dead Juliet could get over his death and move on. She can't do that if he's banished.

1. Be happy Juliet is alive 2. Be happy your alive 3. Be happy that banishment was chosen over death.

It was first published in 1597 while Queen Elizabeth was still alive, so, yes it's Elizabethan

Romeo and Juliet (1935), Romeo & Juliet (1968) and Romeo+Juliet (1996).

Romeo and Juliet act 2 when is the wedding of romeo and Juliet to be held?

Well, Romeo and Juliet die, obviously, and so do Tybalt, Paris, and Mercutio.Romeo and Juliet's parents do not die, and neither does the Friar or the Nurse. Other than that, all the characters live except the ones mentioned above.

After Romeo and Juliet married Romeo owned Juliet and everything she owed as well.

romeo and Juliet when is the wedding of romeo and Juliet to be held?

She is actually very faithful to them. She treats them with much more seriousness than the nurse does. When the nurse would badmouth Romeo for killing Tybalt, Juliet retorts, "Shall I speak ill of him who is my husband?" Later, when the nurse suggests that it would be ok for Juliet to marry Paris even though Romeo is still alive and married to Juliet, it is the last straw for Juliet. The nurse does not take Juliet's married status seriously. Juliet does.

Romeo tells Balthasar to t-bag Juliet until she comes back alive.

Capulet has no idea that Romeo had married Juliet or that he even intended to until after they both were dead. At that time he was of course unhappy that Juliet was dead, but felt that he would rather have her alive and married to Romeo, who he agrees to build a statue to.

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