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Obtaining any prescription medication, especially opioid pain medications, without a prescription, is illegal. With an appropriate prescription, the pills are not illegal.

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Q: Are Roxy pills illegal?
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Your boyfriend is addicted to Roxy pills what do they do?

They are pain relievers.

What is Roxy pills?

Roxy pills are prescription medications that are used as narcotic pain relievers. They are commonly used as a recreation drug by younger generations to get a high.

How much does Roxy pills cost?

"Roxy pills" are a opiate pain reliever and are also a controlled substance!! People without a prescription can be charged for carrying an illegal prescription. These pain killers are intended for people in extreme pain, not to be used to get high. When you "pay" for these, you are breaking the law. It is people that are buying and obtaining this medication illegally that make it so hard for the ones who actually need it to get it.

How long does Roxy pain pills stay in your system?

it takes about 5 days

What are the pills that are illegal?

Extecy pills. They come in all sorts of colors with different designs.

Is it illegal to sniff prescription pills?

Yes it is.

Can doctors give pills to patients in office with no written rx?

no it's illegal no it's illegal no it's illegal no it's illegal no it's illegal

What is a Roxy pill?

Roxy is short for roxycodone. It is an incredibly addictive pain reliever that is significantly stronger than other pain management pills such as Lortab or Percocet. It is usually a small, round, white pill.

What kind of pills does Nurse Jackie take?

percocet,morphine, roxy, she pretty much take opiates of all kind

Is it illegal to give a minor bith control pills?

Not in the US.

What is an illegal drug called boys?

Usually candy for pills

Is it illegal to sell non narcotic pills on the streets?

Depends on the drugs I think

What will happen if you drink alcohol while on pills?

by pills i assume you mean illegal drugs, and if that's the case.. it won't kill you, but alcohol and pills cancel each other out. so it's useless.

How do you tell when someone is on Roxy pills?

well the key way of letting me know if someone is on any narcotic is to look at the eyes. if the pupil is smaller than usual or pin point then they are def on pain pills. its all in the pupils man.

How much are hydrocoden apap pills because i have some but it was from a doctor cood u sell them?

you can not sell these pills or any other prescription drugs, it is illegal and punishable by jail etc...... you can sell them the price depends on the strength they are but it is illegal if you get caught

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How long does it take to get high from snorting pills?

WikiAnswers does not answer this sort of question. Snorting pills is :- 1) illegal 2) dangerous to your health (you could die)

How much does methadone pills cost on the street?

Methadone is Schedule II controlled and is illegal "on the street". WikiAnswers does not provide information about illegal acts.

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Did lil Wayne ever do illegal drugs?

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Which illegal drug has the highest suicide incidents?

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Are sleeping pills illegal?

No not as such. However many of them are not legally sold without the prescription of a doctor

Can brother sister do intercourse using pills?

Nope - in most countries, that act is ILLEGAL !

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