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Yes, so is anyone else that lives in Utah.

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Q: Are Salt Lake City residents called utahans?
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What do you call a Salt Lake City resident?

Residents of Utah are called Utahns, there is no common name for residents of Salt Lake City.

What are residents of Salt Lake City in Utah called?

Sometimes they are referred to as "Salt Lakers" but usually they are just called "Residents of Salt Lake City." Sorry to dissapoint.

What us city has the highest pecentage of physically fit residents?

Salt Lake City, Utah

What was the lake that surrounded the Aztec city called?

The lake was called lake texcoco

What are the requirements for domestic partnership in Salt Lake City Utah?

The Mutual Commitment Registry is limited to residents of the City.

Does Salt Lake City have a sea?

No, it has a lake, the Great Salt Lake. That's why it's called Salt LAKE City, not Salt SEA City.

What is the location of the Great Salt Lake City in Utah?

This question is somewhat ambiguous and really can't be answered. There is no place in Utah called "Great Lake City". The major lake in Utah is called the "Great Salt Lake" and the capitol of Utah is called "Salt Lake City".

Why is Salt Lake City called salt lake?

Salt lake city is called salt lake because it is near the Great Salt Lake filled with tons of salt. I know...I've been in it!

Are there earthquakes in Salt Lake City?

Yes. Minor earthquakes are quite common in Salt Lake City, and residents experience them a few times a year. These very rarely cause much damage.

Are domestic partnerships legal in Utah?

The state does not have a domestic partnership registry, but Salt Lake City has a "Mutual Commitment Registry" for residents of that city only.

What Mormon city was called desert?

Salt lake city

Is there a city or town called Leppijarvi in Finland?

No, no such city. There is, however, a lake called Leppijärvi.

Where does Chicago get its water from?

Residents of the City of Chicago get their drinking water from Lake Michigan through a municipal water purification system.

What was the lake called that Mexico City was built on?

Lake Texcoco I learnt that at school

Who has the right to use a lake access if surrounded by homes?

Only the residents of the Homes on the lake, unless someone is invited by one of the residents to the lake access. -Glad to Help, Nick-

Which city in India is called the 'lake city'?

udaipur and bhopal

What is the smallest city in Nevada?

The smallest city in Nevada is Glenbrook. It has a population of just 215 residents and an area of 4 square miles. It is west of Carson City on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

What happened to mike mckay and erika edberg of ktvx salt lake city?

Erika Edberg is no longer with KTVX in Salt Lake City but she and her husband are still Salt Lake City residents. She is involved in various community service organizations and charities. Don't be surprised to see her in another market soon!

What was Salt Lake City called by the Mormons?

The Mormon pioneers originally named it Great Salt Lake City, but shortened it to Salt Lake City because the name was so long.

Do people fish in Salt Lake City?

Not generally within the city because there arent many places to fish. You wouldn't catch much in the Great Salt Lake, it's too salty. But it is popular for Salt Lake City residents to go to the lakes nearby in the mountains to fish. Most of the fish in the area are trout.

Was Salt Lake City named after The Great Salt Lake?

Yes. It was originally called "Great Salt Lake City" but the 'great' was dropped because it was a long name.

What was the name of the lake the Aztecs chose to live in?

At the site of Lake Texcoco, the Aztecs built a city called, Tenochititlan. They built the city on an island in the lake for added protection.

What was the middle of the lake called that they Aztecs lived in the middle of?

The city was Tenochtitlan on an island in Lake Texcoco.

What is the largest city on the shores of lake taupo new zealand called?

Taupo is the name of the city on the shore of that lake. Population about 23 000.

What is the name of the city built on Lake Texcoco?

The Lake Texcoco was a lake on which the Aztecs built a city called Tenochtitlan. The Spaniards later built Mexico City on Tenochtitlan, which is now the present day capital of Mexico. The lake is now completely drained.