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No they are not Sam has a wife called Osmin Melaine has a husband called rufus

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Has Sam Callis got a child?

Yes, he has a daughter.

Who is sam twin sister?


Who is melanie from sam and cat?

Melanie was first introduced in the show iCarly, and has also been featured in Sam and Cat. She is Sam's identical twin sister.

Does sam really have a twin sister on iCarly?

Yeah she's called Melanie Your supposed to think Sam is just messing with Freddie but you see the two together at the end so she is real.

Does Sam in iCarly have a twin?

Yes, Melanie she was in iTwins.

How old is Melanie Puckett?

"Melanie Puckett" is a fictional character, the mirror twin of Samantha "Sam" Puckett (iCarly, Sam and Cat). Her birthdate was the same, April 17, 1994.

Where were sam and her twin sister born?

Sam and her twin sister, Melanie, were born on a city bus in Seattle

What actors and actresses appeared in Melanie - 2013?

The cast of Melanie - 2013 includes: Jon Briddell as Harris Doug Roland as Sam Ana Sanson as Melanie

Does sam on iCarly have a real twin sisters?

No, they just made it up for that episode that Sam had a twin sister called Melanie.

How do they make Jennette mccurdy have a twin sister in icarly?

They film a scene where she is being Sam and another being Melanie and they sort of put it together to make it look like twins.

What is the new iCarly episode coming out July 11 about?

Freddie thinks that Sam's twin, Melanie, is just Sam in disguise, while Carly begins to tutor Chuck, causing Spencer to try to show Carly how terrible Chuck is. In the promo, it shows Freddie and Melanie (Jennette McCurdy) at a party. Melanie reveals she thinks Freddie is cute, he insists it it Sam. She answers 'Would Sam do this?" and then kisses him. Which I can't wait for it to come out because as you know Sam and Freddie kissed in the episode "iKiss" so Sam might be mad at her twin sister Melanie for doing that and so on.

On the new icarly does sam or meledy kiss Freddie?

Sam kisses Freddie. It's both Sam and Freddie's first kiss. In the episode IKiss Sam and Freddie kiss, but in the episode ITwins it is Melanie, not Sam.

Does Samantha puckett have a sister?

Yes, Sam has a twin sister named Melanie Puckett.

Was Jennette was also playing as melanie?

Yes because if you look on google it will say that Sam and Melanie was both born in a city bus due to poor planning by their mother.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Deadfall - 2012?

The cast of The Deadfall - 2012 includes: Sam Callis as The Occupier Barnaby Kay as The Previous Occupier Carlos Krauel as The Next Resident

Will Sam and Freddie get back together in Sam and cat?


Does ian hecox from smosh have a girlfriend?

His girlfriends name is Melanie Moat . Sam is just a friend of Smosh.

Is melanie from iCarly real?

No, Jennette McCurdy or Sam, does not really have a twin. It is simply T.V. film editing.

Can pigs farrow together?

sam farrow can sam farrow can

What has the author Melanie Marks written?

Melanie Marks has written: 'The dating deal' -- subject(s): Christian life, Conduct of life, Fiction, High schools, Mormons, Schools, Singers 'Super Sam'

Who played Sam's twin sister Melanie on iCarly?

Jennette McCurdy plays Sam and her twin. It's just a camera trick. They take a shot of Jennette as Sam then another shot of Jennette as Melanie (her sister) then they combine the shots. Jennette does not have a twin sister in reality, it's just the special effects!

How do they make sam have a twin sister on iCarly?

Editing. Jennette McCurdy plays both Sam and Melanie. Watch the behind the scenes features on the 1961 version of The Parent Trap; it explains it on there.

Has jenette mccurdy kissed anyone?

Yes, she kissed Nathan Kress On Icarly acting as Melanie puckett and Sam puckett

How did they get a twin of sam on iCarly?

They didn't actually get a twin of her, she's the actress for "Melanie" and "Sam", but in the last scene when they're both in the elevator they did some computer magic to make it look like "Sam" had a twin but she really doesn't in real life.

Is Jessica and Sam good together?


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