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Are Samsung lcd TVs better than sony?


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Samsung is better because it has a incredible picture & it feels like the sounds are coming from the same room as you.

Sony is a world class leader in technology for the professional realm as well as the consumer level in entertainment. Their expertise in digital video and sound processing drives the film and broadcast industry from start to finish - the conceptual stage, through filing, editing, manufacturing, and finally enjoying at home on your TV. Sony is a trusted brand for its quality, reliability, but most importantly for it's image accuracy. Ask any industry professional what brand they use to review quality and Sony is the first choice for a reason.

Also, parts of sony TVs are samsung parts. Samsung is 1,000,000 times better than sony.

Likely the small amount of flash memory similar to that which you find in virtually any electronic device. Samsung is the world leader in flash memory production.

Up until 2008, Sony was buying LCD screen's from Samsung then putting their logo on them to sell it for a higher price. People who still cling onto Sony's are idiots.....

This is incorrect, in fact Sony and Samsung do business together 50/50 in a joint venture called S-LCD Corporation. This 3rd part company was formed as a LCD panel manufacturing operation that would supply the needs of the two companies. Neither company supplies the other for LCD panels; the panel is only one part of a tv, the processing engine is what drive that LCD panel. Though the raw panels come from the same factory, Sony and Samsung panels do often in feature different specifications. None of this has ever been a secret...

Now Sony buy's their LCD screen's from Sharp....

Also Incorrect. Yes Sony and Sharp have an agreement, but no Sony is not acquiring any panels from Sharp. Early 2009 Sony recently reached a similar agreement to the existing S-LCD offshoot, this time with Sharp for a 60/40 split in Sharps recent 10th generation production plant. Sharp would have the controlling share in this case. Because Sharp has been making the raw LCD for so long it is able to make panels of larger sizes than anyone else, meaning falling prices on larger screens. Raw parts at good cost driven by Sony's advanced processing and lighting systems equals a win.

This however hasn't happened yet, effectively put on hold due to the economic downturn and overstock of current LCD parts. Add to that the plant construction has been put on hold due to financial costs. Stay tuned...

Samsung is the best TV brand in the world, why else would Sony be buying LCD panels from them?

see above.


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While there is some prestige value to owning a Sony over a Samsung flat lcd TV, as Sony flat lcd TV isn't a better TV. A Sony plasma TV is a better TV in some ways than flat lcd TVs, but the like products are equal in quality.

i personally would rather take a sony than a samsung most sony's have better better screens

Sony and Samsung LCD TVs are fairly on par with each other. Sonys tend to be a bit more expensive and have a nicer aesthetic design, but their picture quality is about the same as that of Samsung.

Sony and Samsung are both excellent.

Samsung TV's are generally less expensive, but have less technological features available, whereas Sony TV's cost about $100, but offer a slew of technology innovations.

If you are wondering whether a Samsung LCD TV is better than the Samsung plasma TV and want to know if a Samsung is a good TV for HDTV, then the answer is yes.

Both Sony and Samsung have the best LED tv with excellent picture quality. If you looing for a more affordable option with a good picture quality, then Samsung is a better option than the more expensive Sony brand.

I personally have a Sony TV and have never had a problem with it. Though if you want to read some customer reviews there are several review sites such as money supermarket you can read up on.

Samsung is better than LG . As Samsung makes all the tubes for other Tv's

Sony, Samsung, Sharp and Panasonic all make excellent state-of-the-art televisions.

According to reviews, the Samsung PND 8000 is a better television than the Panasonic VT30 LED. The price of the Samsung PND 8000 is cheaper than the Panasonic VT30.

The answer to this question is very subjective. Both Sony and Samsung are well respected makers of televisions. Both produce excellent products. However, for every viewer that prefers Sony televisions, there is another who prefers Samsung. We each have our own preferences and when choosing a television, it is important that we allow our preferences to guide us to a decision. If you prefer one image over another, that is probably the television to choose, regardless of the make or opinions of others. After all, it is you who will be watching your television. Pick one that you enjoy watching.

A Face-off between Samsung and Sony perhaps is the best way to know which one of it is better, where people choose between them. Apart from Face-off, also see the differences between LED, LCD and Plasma. I came across this at: BRAND COLLAGE

Panasonic and Sony are a couple of leaders in televisions with Mitsubishi coming in close behind. This is a great site that compares the brands:

No LG is not better then Sony. Sony has been making HD TVs for much longer. I had a friend who owned a LG tv and it caught the carpet on fire.

In terms of spatial resolution, Samsung have better quality than LG because LG use passive technology, meaning that alternate lines are split to each eye. Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all feature 1080 line resolution compared with LGs 540 line resolution. Does that mean Samsung is better to watch? That can only be decided by you. Make sure you get to see a range of 3D televisions before making your decision.

no, the sony hdtv which is also an internet tv, is on the advanced list. it is the only tv which is powered by google and comes with its own "keyboard" remote control. definitely a lot better then Samsung LCD

Donโ€™t have a smart tv

It depends on the brand and how into certain technological aspects you are. Usually, specific models are better than others. Sanyo televisions probably fare better than Sony ones do.

No, The top of the line SONY is the best in picture quality.

It really depends on the tv. Look at them in the stores and compare the picture quality. Sony happens to be a very good brand when it comes to picture quality. It depends on the specs though.

The Samsung hdtv and the Sony hdtv are among the top quality televisions in the hdtv sector. The only difference between these televisions are the features they offer.

Samsung TVs are known to be better when it comes to performance and quality of product. However samsung products are more expensive.

Sony tv's are better in quality and HD.

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