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Are Soccer players know better then AFL players?


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Yes, Soccer players are better known internationally than AFL players.

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Soccer has clearly way more skillful players then AFL. Soccer is the most popular and the best game ever invented. To all the fans of AFL who think AFL is better than soccer just stick to the facts and you will find out which is better. For instance soccer is the most played sport and is also the most watched sport on the Earth.

Anything is better than soccer AFL and NRL, you cant compare it to soccer.

No, soccer is older than AFL

Many people in the world love soccer and play it every day. However afl is just a national sport. Which means the only people that play afl are the ones living in australia. But all over the world everyone play soccer and enjoy it.

AFL Players Association was created in 1974.

Well the youngest I know is Ben Cousins he was 16

18 players on the field, plus 4 interchange players. 22 total.

It would be due to the more variety of skills required to play the game, and the fact that all players need these skills, not just some like i NRL. AFL players need to be incredibly fit, some running up to and more than 16km a game, need to be strong, but not too heavy, must be fast, physically and mentally, and must have great coordination skills. whereas in rugby, some players need to be fast, others need to be big, they're nowhere near as fit as AFL players, and have significantly less coordination skills, especially forwards. Hence AFL players are better.

Afl players mainly wear gloves because they could get some more grip on the ball

To create a common draft and to maintain the sanctity of player contracts. Franchises from each of the leagues were drafting the same players and were in bidding wars to secure the player. Players under contract in the NFL were moving to the AFL if better money was available

The AFL is the Australian Football League (a soccer league like the MLS in the US or UEFA in Europe)

Football meaning AFL or Soccer? Rugby League is more popular than soccer in Sydney also as well as AFL. Whole of Australia, AFL is most popular sport, and Rugby League is second and soccer is 4th just after cricket.

The first known player of Aboriginal descent to play at AFL level was Fitzroy's Joe Johnson, who played 55 games, including premierships in 1904 and 1905. In AFL history, only 148 players known to be of Aboriginal descent have played AFL football, but in 2005, there are 52 players of Aboriginal descent on AFL lists.

44 players but only 22 play and 18 are on the field.

about $1,444 billion this is the right answer

Generally, yes they are good role models. There aren't as many incidents as league has but not all AFL players are perfect - look at Ben Cousins

yes for sure. I know of one but I would not out them ..... for their reasons they're not making it other peoples business. I cant wait for the 1st guy to come out in AFL though. long long overdue

in 2009 with 16 teams there is approximately (at 32 per team) 510 players.

originally cricket players in Australia played afl in the winter to keep fit and eventually it became an Australian sport.

AFL. more people watch, more people play, more money for playing, more skills, more fitness, more courage, more brains, more football.How is rugby better?Answer:Well, the live NRL game I saw looked much cleaner and in better behaviour...Otherwise, in general, I'd agree with your listLOL!NRL is of couse better, AFL is crap, all players are always on the news of rape such as that players from saints. NRL treats all their young guns fairly, and they care about rugby league clubs alot.

AFL players make an approximate of $217,900 a year + around 2k per game True Fact

Soccer, Netball, AFL, Hockey and alot more

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