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Are Social Security Survivor benefits taxable income?

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Sometimes Social Security benefits are taxable. It is dependent upon the amounts of any other income a person may receive. Survivior benefits are different than Regular or Disability payments, especially as the one receiving the money is frequently different than the child it is for. In general terms, 1/2 of it is taxable. Some additional bookkeeping needs to be done. The person who has the legal right to receive the benefits must determine whether the benefits are taxable. For example, if you and your child receive benefits, but the check for your child is made out in your name, you must use only your part of the benefits to see whether any benefits are taxable to you. One half of the part that belongs to your child must be added to your child's other income to see whether any of those benefits are taxable to the child.

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In what year did Social Security Benefits and Unemployment benefits become taxable?

Social security benefits became taxable income in the year of 1984.

Are Social Security benefits taxable income?


Are social security benefits taxable in Massachusetts?


When did Social Security retirement benefits become taxable?

Social Security retirement benefits became taxable during the Carter administration at the same time Unemployment benefits were made taxable (also under the Carter administration).

What does social security fund?

Social Security pays retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.

Do you pay taxes if your only income is Social Security?

No. Social Security benefits by itself would not be taxable income to you. Social Security is only taxable if you have other income in excess of certain thresholds. Since you have no other income, your Social Security is not be taxable.

Are social security benefits taxable?

Social security benefits are generally considered as taxable income according to the Internal Revenue Service. You will need to declare the income on your 1040 forms.

What is the Social Security role today?

Social Security pays retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.

What are social security survivor benefits?

Social security survivor benefits aren't just for retirement like many think. If you pay into these benefits and pass away, your family may be eligible to claim a portion.

Does vacation pay count as income when receiving survivor benefits from social security?

Yes, vacation pay counts as income when receiving survivor benefits. It shouldn't change the social security benefits you are receiving, however.

Is my Social Security Disability taxable in Arizona?

Most states, including Arizona, do not tax Social Security benefits.

What is the maximum percentage of Social security benefits that may be taxable?


Where can I find some information on social security benefits that are taxable?

Social security benefits that are taxable include mutual funds, rrsps, gic's and any account like that. You should get money wherever you can. Good for you.

What are some taxable social security benefits?

Some taxable social security benefits are that you will get more money when you file you taxes. Also, if you are married you both would be able to make a high amount of money.

Are social security earnings taxable in California?

California does not tax social security income from the United States, including survivor's benefits and disability benefits.

How much income outside of social security is taxable?

All income is taxable unless specifically excluded by law. Even a portion of your Social Security benefits may be taxable if you have sufficient total income.

If you have a pension plus Social Security what is the tax rate of the Social Security?

That depends on the amount of income aside from Social Security. Up to 85% of your Social Security benefits are potentially taxable.

Do you claim children's social security benefits?

Survivor benefits are paid to children of a deceased worker.

Can you draw Railroad benefits and Social Security at the same time?

Yes , but the Railroad benefits are taxable income.

Are both retirement benefits and Social Security Disability insurance benefits taxable?

SS retirement benefits ARE taxable - SS disability benefits MAY be taxable depending upon circumstances. See the Related Link below.

How much can you make before social security becomes taxable?

If you file as single, none of your Social Security benefits are taxable if your combined income falls below $25,000. Half of your benefits may be taxable when your combined income falls between $25,000 and $34,000. 85 percent of your benefits may be taxable when your combined income exceeds $34,000.

Do the Thurstons have taxable social security benefits to report on their joint return in 2010?


Does deferred compensation count in figuring how much of social security benefits are taxable?


Survivor social security benefits At what age can a widow with no dependents receive social security benefuts?

At age 60, or at age 50 if Social Security also finds them disabled. They are reduced benefits if taken early.

If your only income is Social Security do you need to file tax returns?

No. Social Security benefits in the absence of any other income are not taxable.