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Socialists do not oppose raising taxes to pay for social programs. It is important to note, however, that supporting social programs does not make one a socialist.

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Q: Are Socialists resist using taxation as a means of paying for social programs?
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What political party was organized to resist the programs of Jackson?

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Why did American colonists resist paying taxes to the British government?

They resisted because they felt that they were not being represented in the government.

What British actions were unpopular with colonists why did they resist these actions?

The colonist were being taxed without being represented in the British Parliment. "Taxation without representation" was the main complaint.

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Why do socialist workers resist capitalism and capitalist workers resist socialism if each is being harmed by his own sociopolitical structure?

By โ€˜capitalist workersโ€™, I assume you mean workers who support capitalism. Most of them probably donโ€™t have the slightest understanding of Socialism (a classless stateless society based on production for use), and see no alternative to capitalism.

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Why did the colonists resist the idea of direct internal taxation by the british?

The colonists, used to over one hundred years of self government and taxation, were angry at the idea that parliament had the 'right to tax' (Grenville). They [colonial legislatures] acknowledged their obligation to aid the British debt from the Seven Years War, but objected to the direct taxation. Representatives in London wished to know how much the colonies were required to pay the crown, but Grenville and his advisories were gave no exact answer.

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The Stamp Act, among others, increased taxes on the colonists without them having any say over it. "Taxation without representation" was a major grievance of the colonists.

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