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Are Squire by Fender guitars any good?

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All fenders are good, however the squier's quality is lower (that is why they cost less than "original" fenders). Its a still a good guitar for that price. But if you are planning to play a genere that requires lots of distorsion (and dont want to spend a lot of money) I would recommend an ibanez, an epiphone or a schecter.

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What are good guitars?

Some good guitars are Fender strats, Gibson SG, Fender Jag-stang, Any PRS guitar, and a lot more

Best electric guitar for 300.00 or less?

Any squire. Theyre made by fender, use less-quality wood, hardware and electronics.Regardless there is a following of people who swear by them being solid guitars.Get a squire. Or an epiphone.

What is a good mid price beginers electric guitar?

A good electric guitar to start with is a fender stratocaster, but they are quite expensive The best substitute I found was a squire stratocaster which is only around £350-500. Another good guitar to start with is a Gibson Les Paul, these are expensive too so you could get a Epiphone Les paul which is cheaper. If you live in the UK check out a Pmt (Professional Music Technology) , they sell all the guitars mentioned. These are just guidelines as they are good beginners guitars but is there are any musicians you like look at which guitar they are using. P.S. If you like a blues type of sound a squire telecaster is a good move too.

Do any brands make guitars or basses that are designed for children aged 10 and under?

Yes, Fender make guitars for all ages.

What electric guitar is good for beginners?

A Squire STRAT by Fender. Its affordable (ranging from $80 used to $100 - $140 new) and its durable guitar. It looks nice and comes in almost any color too so its easy to find the one you like. You can pick one up at almost any music store that carries new or used guitars.

What are good guitar brands?

Wesley guitars but most of there guitars are sold out at the momennt but will be back on the site at the end of april. The best guitar maker is Gibson but they are expensive. Stick with those two. Do not buy a encore or squire. Also I would avoid any guitars with thin sounding single coil pickups.

What are the best strings for a fender mini squire electric guitar?

Any will do the trick , I suggest D'Addario they are at every guitar shop small and large. Fender strings I had a horrible experience with.

Where do you get electric guitars?

If your cheap and still learning how to play:Walmart for the cheapo First Act Guitars...Target and Sams has some Fender guitars as wellAnd if you want a good or decent guitar:Guitar CenterGuitar SourceFunky Munky MusicMusician's FriendEsteban Guitars on QVCMaybe a good thrift store or any music store will doAlso there's tons of websites out there

Will a fender stratocaster that's not a squire work on rock band 3?

NO! I am assuming you are using a REAL guitar. Real guitars do NOT work on Rock Band 3, or any video game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. You HAVE to use one made specially for Rock Band.

What fender guitar should you buy?

There are many different types of fender guitars. One is the Fender Stratocaster. The fender Strat. is what some people call the universal guitar. People call the Strat this because if you look at any type of music (jazz, rock, blues, funk, country) you will find at least one artest that plays a fender strat. I own an American Fender Stratocaster Deluxe and I love it. If you are a rock fan, then go with the Telecaster which was made to play rock music. Fender also makes acoustic guitars but they are not the best quality I think. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar then look at Ibanez. They make a good acoustic guitar. I hope that this helps. If you have any other questions about guitars, I would suggest looking in the fourms of this website. This is the best website for all your guitar needs.

Are viper guitars any good?


Are jameson guitars any good?

It depends on what guitar you have from Jameson guitars. I recommend Ibanez guitars better. -Red Mist

Are there any good left handed bass guitars?

Rogue makes some good left handed bass guitars.

I have a Fender Squier Stratocastor with a serial number M008849 on the headstock and JV69399 on the bolt on neck plate. Any idea of when this was made and roughly what it would be worth?

Don't take this the wrong way, but roughly 70 bucks at the most. Squire is the watered down Fender look a likes that Fender also happens to own. Not very high quality sorry to say. However, a long time ago Fender used to make a guitar I believe was called the Squire but it was the name of the guitar not the sub brand, for lack of a better term. That might be worth quite a few bucks but don't get your hopes up because if it looks anything like new and if it says "Squire by Fender" then you're out of luck.

What are the top ten guitars around the world?

1.Fender "costly but worth it, they work really well sound amazing will never stop working, vintage feel from the first touch" 2.squier "cheap in cost but sound great and feel well and last long, very close to a fender and vintage" 3.Jackson "owned by fender just like squier,amazing look,priced like fender, big selection of guitars to buy,and great feel' 4.Epiphone "good cost for budget, sound pretty good, and very long" 5.Gibson "basically a an epiphone" 6.Ibanez "well its just like any other guitars but great looks and good feels 7.Ovation "great feel, and pretty good feel 8.ESP good look, and good sound 9.B.C. Rich amazing look, good feel, and light in weight 10.Yamaha good price,and nice feel

Are Laguna guitars any good?

They are excellent instruments that are also easy on your pockets

Are there any good bass guitars that are lighter than usual?

There are many good, light bass guitars. Some good brands include Rees Guitars Lightweight F-Light Bass Guitar and the Yamaha RBX4 A2 Super-Light Electric Bass Guitar.

Are Chinese made martin guitars any good?

No never buy Chinese guitars they're rubbish. Stick to a good solid make made in Europe of USA. No offence to the Chinese. :)

Are jack and Danny guitars any good?

Yeah, they're good for a beginner. Quality is good, and they're really cheap.

How do you get an American Fender Stratocaster?

You can get a American Fender Stratocaster from most guitar shops... or you can go You can purchase an American Fender Stratocaster at any Guitar Center, Musician's or at a music retailer that carries higher end guitars. These retailers offer more competetive pricing in comparision to "mom and pop" music stores.

What guitars work with rock band?

The guitars and amps are chosen for specific sounds. Almost any band's guitar player will have several different makes and styles, so as to be able to play different tones and styles of music. Fender, Gibson, Peavey, and lots of others.

How do you buy a new guitar?

Well the best thing to do is, go around guitar shops seeing if you like any, and if they are in your price range. secondly, based on your playing style what you would like. E.g Ibanez make metal guitars, Gibson make les pauls for a thick rocky tone, Fender make stratocaster's which are suitable for playing blues etc. All these guitars can play any music you want, but the help above is just what people have made prefences with these guitars, You may find that you love playing classical with an Iba! Well, then obviously you have to purchase a guitar, either from a shop, or online (online is mostly cheaper, however you can't play the exact guitar before you are buying it.) Lastly, I would buy an Epiphone to start with or a Fender Squire, these are cheap, because they are factory made, but a great starter! Hope this helped.

Who is the founder of Jackson Guitars?

Jackson Guitars are a company based in Southern California. They particularly make guitars suitable for heavy metal music and were started by Grover Jackson. They can be bought at any good musical instrument shop.

What is better electric guitar Yamaha or squier?

That would depend on your appeal to comfort, aesthetics and sound... and maybe price. There are good Yamaha guitars, such as the Pacifica, which is a nice Fender Strat style. The Squier is the 22 fret strat Fender (I have a 22 fret Ibanez GIO) which is just as good as any guitar in my opinion, but a standard 24 fret is better for the high-pitching lead shredder (though only by one note).

Where can one purchase Ibanez RG premium electric guitars?

Ibanez guitars can usually be bought as a special order from any good guitar specialist or good music shop. They can also be ordered direct from the manufacturer.

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