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No they are not real.

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What are the bauldelaire children allergic to?


Are the Bauldelaire orphans real?


What is the real name of Sunny Baudelaire?

Klaus Bauldelaire: Liam Aiken Voilet Bauldelaire: Emily Browning Sunny Baudelaire: Kara and Shelby Hoffman. (Kara and Shelby are twins and they both played in The Series of Unfortanate Events)

What are the 3 childrens names in The Series Of Unfortunate Events?

Violet Bauldelaire Klaus Bauldelaire and Sunny Baulderlaire

Why did count olaf want the bauldelaire children dead in the series of unfortunate events in book eight?

He didn't neccesairly want them dead, just out of his way. He needed at least ONE to be alive in order to get the fortune.

What is the surname of the orphans in a series of unfortunate events?

Their surname is Bauldelaire. Their names are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny.

Plot of the unfortune events?

When the three Bauldelaire children loose their parents, a turn of events sends them on a perilous journey to defeat the evil mastermind, Count Olaf. There are thirteen of these nail- biters written by Lemony Snicket. -Chorka Wolffe

Where are the bauldelaire orphans today?

at the moment, i read somewhere they were in the UK under false names 2 escape enemies

What is Children International's motto?

Children International's motto is 'Real help. Real hope.'.

Are elves real or not real?

Real for some children, not real for normal adults.

Who is Jacques snicket in the books?

He is Lemony and Kit Snicket's brother. He was part of the V.F.D club that the Bauldelaire parents were in and he was good friends with them.

How do real mermaids have babies?

As there are no 'real' mermaids they do not have children.

How is Count Olaf related to the Bauldelaire children?

He is not related to the Bauldelaires in anyway . But the Bauldelaire's parents killed Count Olaf's parents and for revenge, Count Olaf killed the Bauldelaire's parents . This is true it even says it in the series so read it if you dont think it's true !

Is The Tooth Fairy Real Or No?

no she is not real but some believe that she is real to tell there children

Were beatrice bauldelaires real children in danger?

I'm not sure what you mean by "real children", but yes her kids her in danger.

Why did Lemony Snicket write about the Bauldelaire Orphans?

He was in love with Beatrice, their mother, so he probably wanted to protect them, and learn about them, and spread the word about the orphans.

Does the Easter bunny have children?

NOPE, he is not real so he cannot have children.

Do mermaids really have children?

No mermaids don't have children they aren't real

Were the children on charmed holly combs real children?

yes some of the children where really holly's kids

Is the scary children of the corn real?

No, these are fictional horror movies that have no real basis.

Who are the real Grace Children from the Spiderwick Chronicles?

Hate to break it to you, but there are no real Grace children, or children the Grace kids were based off of. The books (and the movie, for that matter) are works of fiction. (fantasy to be specific)

Is children of the lamp real?

No, it is a fictional series.

Is the Easter bunny real-?

No, the Easter Bunny is not real. It is a fictional character for children.

Do children like homeschooling?

no, they want to go to real school and meet new children. :)

Are puppy are real?

Um, are puppies real?? Well of course they are! Puppies are the children of DOGS.

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