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Are Undertaker and Kane brothers?

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no becase one is glenn jacobs(kane) and tohe other is Mark William Calaway(undertaker)

they're brothers in the WWE but not in real life

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Yes Undertaker and Kane are brothers.

Nahh,man Kane and the Undertaker are not brothers......kane is from Madrid,Spain and Undertaker from Houston,Texas..

Its apart of a storyline. Kane and The Undertaker are kayfabe brothers.

No, they are not brothers. 'Kane' is Glen Jacobs 'Undertaker' is Mark Callous.

No, Kane and The Undertaker are not brothers. They are kayfabe (fake) brothers. They are in no way related.

Yes, Kane and The Undertaker are half brothers.

I love undertaker Undertaker and Kane are brothers in real life.But,they are only half brothers. (p.s."I love undertake ISN'T a answer)

Kane and undertaker were a tag team and they are brothers

the undertaker and Kane are both half brothers

No or almost Kane is undertaker half brother

no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

No. Undertaker and Kane are in storyline but not in real life.

yes Kane and the undeaker are brothers but Kane hates the undertaker because people say that the undertaker killed Kane's and the undertake's parents

No they were never brothers. They were only brothers in a storyline.

no Kane is not undertaker's real brother

Kane and underrtaker are not really brothers

Kane was burned by the Undertaker. The Undertaker killed his family by burning them and Kane who is known as Diesel. The Undertaker and kane are brothers well half brothers but i think what was posted before i wrote this is a big lie kane burns himself

i believe that they are brothers

Kane is his half brother.

Yes Kane got rabies in 1995 after that then the undertaker and Kane stoped being brothers cause the undertaker didn't want to get rabies later on Kane shot undertaker in the eye

yes they are brother i know bcse i saw real undertaker and kane together in undertakers skype they said that they are real brothers

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