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Well, it could be an opinion to someone that Yankee Candles are the best, but everyone has their own opinions. I find Yankee Candles the best though. ;)

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Q: Are Yankee candles the best
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Related questions

Where is a good place to buy Yankee candles?

There are many places to buy Yankee candles. The best place to purchase Yankee candles are in Yankee Candle stores. They usually located nationwide. They have regular promotions on there products.

Where can one purchase Yankee candles in the UK?

There are many locations that sell Yankee candles in the UK. Looking online is one of the best places to look for the candles including Amazon and eBay.

Where do they sell Yankee candles?

Ebay sells them for the best value.

What specials are currently happening at Yankee Candles?

Yankee Candles does not currently have any specials available, but during the holiday season, Yankee Candles had many specials to promote their products.

Where can you buy Yankee Candles?

Where are Mainstay candles where made?

by Yankee candles

Are there outlets that sell Yankee candles across the US? sells Yankee candles across the US.

Where can you find Yankee candles?

Yankee branded candles can be purchased from many different retail outlets. Retail outlets such as Bed Bath & Beyond sell Yankee candles, as well as online retailers such as eBay and Amazon.

Are there free Yankee Candle coupons?

Yes there are plenty of places to go online to find coupon on yankee candles. i reccomend going to for a coupon off yankee candles

Which is the best candle brand for a wedding?

There are many candle brands, and Yankee candle is the best known brand I think. I bought Yankee candle a lot, but I think Yankee aren't so great now. Home Lights is my new love! It is a new brand, don't have many kinds of candles yet, but they work hard and offer great service. Give it a try when you want to shop candles.

What are some alternatives to Woodwick candles?

There are a wide variety of alternatives to Woodwick candles. Examples include Yankee Candle, Root Candles, Colonial Candles, and Gold Canyon Candles.

Where can one purchase discounted Yankee candles?

Discounted Yankee candles can usually be found on eBay. One may also find a coupon the Yankee Candle distributes often from their physical store or online through RetailMeNot.

Are Yankee candles safe to burn?

Dude, It's a candle. All candles are safe to burn.....

How many fragrances do Yankee candles come in?

Currently, Yankee Candle offers at least 66 different scents of their large candles. There are other limited edition scents that are popular around the holidays and often come in gift sets.

Where can one purchase jar candles?

Jar candles can be purchased at any department or home decorating store. Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond all sell jar candles. Yankee Candles also sells jar candles online.

List websites that sell Yankee Candles?

Ebay QVC

What are some bridal shower gifts that begin with the letter Y?

Yours & mine KY jelly, Yankee candels, yardstickYankee candles

Is Yankee Candle the same candles as Bath and Body Works?

No, they are made by totally different companies. Bath and Body Works candles are made by a company known as Slatkin and Company. To "candle connoisseurs", Bath and Body are superior to yankee, as they have a cleaner burn and have a better scent throw.

Donde puedo comprar candles of apple?

En las tiendas Yankee Candle.

Which candles smell the best for someone who like pumpkins?

Yankee Candle Company, Candle Science, and Siera Mountain Candle Company all have wonderfully pumpkin scented candles with flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Souffle and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, respectively.

Where can one find good deals for scented candles?

One can find good deals for scented candles at most candle shops. These shops include Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle Stores, and Candles by Victoria.

Where could someone buy candles?

Yankee Candle has a website and stores in many shopping malls around the country. Also most grocery stores carry candles and many gift shops will also carry candles.

Who founded the Yankee Candle Company?

Michael Kittredge founded Yankee Candle in his parents garage. The candles are scented in a variety of scents, everything from strawberry to vanilla is available to consumers.

How expensive are Yankee candles?

Yankee candles come on a variety of prices, but the scents and quality are well worth the price. The jar candles start at $25.99. Pillars, $19.99, The candle holder start at $9.99 and the refills are $7.99. You can also purchase wax beads from $4.99 to $7.99, depending upon the scent. There is a $5 flat shipping fee attached to each online order.

What is the best Yankee blog online?

WIN METHOD is the best Yankee baeball blog in the world.