Are Zeus and Hades the most powerful gods?

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No Hades is not One of the most powerful gods Zeus and Posiden
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How is Zeus a powerful god?

He was the ruler of mount Olympus and the god that started and ended the war against the titans. He ruled everything that ever happened even the other gods. "Take a golden cord, hang it from heaven. Let gods and goddesses, all together, grab hold of one end of it and pull. You'd not drag ( Full Answer )

What are Zeus' and Hades similarities and differences?

Similarities; Brothers by Rhea and Cronus, both are married (Hera for Zeus; Persephone for Hades) and both are considered kings - or rulers - of the deities who dwell within their realms; Zeus of the Heavens and Hades of the Underworld. Both fought the Titans. Both had multiple lovers. Differe ( Full Answer )

Who is the ancient Greek gods Zeus Apollo Ares and Hades?

Zeus is the king of the gods and the heavens. Apollo is a son of Zeus and the Titan goddess Leto, his sister is Artemis the goddess of the moon and the hunt; he was the god of the sun and music. Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera, he is the god of war. Hades is the elder brother of Zeus, and go ( Full Answer )

What were the Greek god Hades special powers or duties?

He ruled Hell. For one, it wasn't hell, and 2, he was the shepherd of your soul or shade. He was in charge of keeping those that entered the underworld, aka Hades, in the underworld. He also was the one who chose your punishment if you were evil, and you would spend eternity in tartarus, or hell. ( Full Answer )

Who is a better god Zeus or Hades?

In the old books of greek mythology it always appeared that Zeus always beat Hades in terms of power and luck, so yes Zeus is the better god. However, the house of Hades was equally important in terms of preserving balance.

What are Powers of Zeus the greek god?

legend has it that he controlls all and everything that flies, he controls electricity with his bolt and his land is the sky.

Was Zeus the most powerful god?

As a "god" in Greek mythology, Zeus was no more or less than any other god could be considered; he won and lost in battles and arguments(his early loss against Typhon being one of the most notable and significant), and was subject to the will of the Fates like anyone else, and in this respect, he is ( Full Answer )

How did Zeus Poseidon and Hades get their powers?

Cronus was told by his father Uranus and Mother Earth that one of his own sons would someday over throw him. Cronus then swallowed the first five children that his wife, Rhea, bore him: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon to stop this from happening. He meant to swallow the next child, Zeus, ( Full Answer )

Why was Zeus the most powerful God?

Zeus was the most powerful god because he defeated his father, the Titan Kronos. He helped his siblings(Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia) out of Kronos' stomach, then became the King of the Gods.

Did Zeus Poseidon and Hades get along?

They got along well enough. They are brothers, so they do love each other, but they do have their disagreements as any brothers will.

Is Zeus the powerful god?

Zeus is the chief god in Greek mythology. He is the god of thunder. The "big three" are Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Zeus is the chief god so he is also the most powerful god in Greek mythology.

What are the powers of the greek god hades?

The powers of Hades are as follows: he rules over the dead with absolute power, he has control of the furies, he has a helmet that can make him invisible, he can get the god of sleep who lives in the underworld to give others dreams, he can make a person wealthy or poor, he also fears nothing, and i ( Full Answer )

What are the powers of Zeus the Greek god?

he shoots lightning from da sky! he can control anything in the sky like storms and lightning. he can basically do anything else except the things other gods can do ex. poseidon with water. Zeus cant do anything with it

What are hades most powerful powers?

After death, he decided where you went to spend the rest of eternity. Hades is one of the most powerful deities in Greek Mythology. He forms a trinity of power balance, along with Zeus, the ruler of Heaven, and Poseidon, the ruler of the Oceans. It was said that he held control of many titans an ( Full Answer )

Who is the strongest out of Zeus Hades or Poseidon?

They are equals ------- Zeus is the strongest as he is ruler of all the gods. Poseidon is next, then Hades. But in a fight Hades would win because Zeus and Poseidon aren't aloud in the underworld so Hades would wait tell Poseidon was down and then attack Zeus when he was weak.

What god is more powerful Zeus or yahweh?

'Zeus' is an ancient mythological Greek/Roman god. 'Yahweh' is the personal name of God in the Hebrew Bible. Thus 'Yahweh' is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Was Hades betrayed by Zeus?

Zeus betrayed his brothers Hades and Poseidon by having a child after swearing on the river Styx that none of them would have a child being that there powers were too powerful, so yes, Zues did betray Hades

Who is the most influential god besides Zeus?

I believe the most influential God is Cupid. And the most influential Goddess is Aphrodite, because Cupid and Aphrodite can talk to everyone though love and happiness. I think everyone speaks that language. That's why it makes them both the most influential God's because love is the most powerful th ( Full Answer )

Why is Zeus most important god?

because he was the god who wasn't eaten by Kronos, who freed his brothers and sisters from Kronos, and he is the lord of the sky, and the head god.

What are the powers of the greek god Zeus?

Zeus had the powers of electricity shooting, flying, summoning, and most likely eagle mimicry. Zeus also had a fur cushion on his throne that when he shook it above the earth it created rain.

Why Zeus sent hades to the underworld?

Zeus did not "send Hades to the Underworld"; just as Zeus rules the heavens, Hades rules the Underworld. According to one of the myths, Zeus selected the Heavens as his realm, and allowed Poseidon to select next because he was eldest. That left Hades (or more accurately Plouton) the Underworld as ( Full Answer )

What power does Zeus the greek god have?

Zeus is the Greek god of the sky. He basically has the abilities to control the sky, more or less his abilities are to create storms and such. But he doesn't control the wind, there are four other gods that were said to control the winds, each of them having their own section north, south, east, and ( Full Answer )

Where do Zeus and Hades live?

Zeus lives on Mt. Olympus with all the rest of the Olympians, but since Hades is in charge of the Underworld that's where he lives. Hope I helped you :)

Why is Hades the most hated god?

Hades wasn't very well liked by most Greeks because he was the Lord of the Dead. The had many names for him like "Pluoton" (The Wealthy One) or "Zeus of the Underworld".

How did Zeus Poseidon Hades get their powers?

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades were all sons of Rhea and Kronos, powerful titans, and their powers were acquired from their parents and what realm they were assigned to control, for example, Zeus has the sky and he is in control of lightning.

Who is the good one Zeus or hades?

It shouldn't be phased as "good one" because if you go back to the actual myths non of them were good, but if you want the "better one" the answer would be Hades. If you find it surprising you shouldn't, it true. In all the myths the only really bad things Hades did was kidnap two girls, one of whic ( Full Answer )

Why were Poseiden Zeus and Hades the main three gods?

They were the sons of Cronus who had been king of the Titans and ruler of the universe before the brothers warred against the Titans and won, in winning they had the right to rule each choosing one realm, to Zeus the heavens, Hades the Underworld, and Poseidon the sea.

Who were Zeus Hades and Poseidon?

They were the three most powerful of the Olympians. The three brothers ruled the Earth. Zeus ruled the skies. Poseidon ruled the seas. Hades ruled the Underworld. They were the sons of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

How much older is Hades then Zeus?

Greek myth does not say how long a span of time that Rhea had her children in, so there is no one who can answer that.

Why was Zeus the most important God?

Zeus was the most importent god because he is the king of gods. and his wife Juno is the queen of gods. i know this because i take Latin and in Latin Zeus means Jupiter and he is the king of all gods.