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Are a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old to young to be in love?


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in some cases it is mostly yes your just to young, you have not matured enought to relise each other faults and had to go threw mature challanges that you can be proud of getting threw together and can grow from it or have a stronger relationship .... if there are many things you have not yet to experiment how do you know if your relationship is strong enough to hold through "the good times and bad?" if your still together after many thing have been said and done (meaning 4 or 5 years from now) and still feel the same the yes it can be real but with out thing to go wrong and for ya'll to make it threw you then no cause you have only been placed into a relationship with out faults so you cant know weather its for real or not until you have experienced it all and still at the end of the day feel the same way....

AnswerBeing that young, I would call it infatuation. But, I am now in love, and I have that feeling you can't explain to anyone. I would definitely stay together and let the love grow. But, being so young, you two are bound to grow apart, like different things, have different groups of friends. Meet more people. Keep it close, remain honest with each other and maybe you'll end up with a life long friend, rather than your soul mate.

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