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Are a cow and a bull the same species?


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Yes. A cow is the opposite sex of a bull within the same species.

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They're both of the same species, just opposite sexes. They have the same of everything, except the bull has male reproductive organs and the cow has female reproductive organs, and the bull has more muscle mass on him than a cow does.

Yes. Both sexes are of the same species, just different genders.

A bull elk is the male of the species while a cow elk is the female of the species; they are both elk.

It is a male Cow, a cow is a four legged animal

As with most species where the male is a 'bull', the female is a cow.

There is no such thing as a "female cow" nor a "male cow." "Cow" refers to the female of any species including the domestic bovine, and is not a name of a specific animal. The male of a domestic bovine is called a bull, and the female (mature) a cow. To answer your question, it is the bull that is the larger of the two in most cases, such as within breeds and when the bull and the cow are the same age. But, if you compare between breeds, such as if the bull is a Dexter and the cow a Holstein, or if the bull is much younger than the cow, then the opposite may be true.

The Feminine or the female species of a bull is a cow.

The opposite gender of a cow is a bull. Cow is the female of many species, including elephants, cattle, moose, elk, bison and seals for some examples.

Bull dung is excrement from the male of the bovine species. Sometimes called cow pies.

No. A bull is the opposite sex of a cow, and both sexes are of the species known as the Domesticated Bovine (Bos taurus and Bos indicus). A bull is the intact male that is used to breed cows, and a cow is a mature female bovine that gives birth to offspring called calves after being bred by a bull.

Bull ..... the cow mates with a bull!!

No. Cows and bulls are different. Though they are of the same species, they are not the same gender or sexes. Cows are female and bulls are male. This is very obvious just by looking at them--especially if you know what to look for.

There's a 50% chance that a cow will give birth to a bull calf. Same with heifers. Therefore the ratio is 1:1 that a cow will be mother to a bull (bull calf) or a future cow (heifer calf)

The female sex of a species of seal that does not exist. There really is no such species of seal called the Bull Seal. There are elephant seals and sea lions, but no "bull seals." Note, though, that a female seal is called a cow, and the male a bull.

A Friesian bull has the very same colouration as a Friesian cow: black and white.

a fish and a cow are in the same kingdom but not the same species

The opposite gender of a bull is a cow.

Bulls are male cowsWhen a bull and a cow (all cows are female)'mate' if the cow has a 'male' cow its called a 'bull'

Same as a cow...between 5 and 20 mph.

Same way all bovines do: Bull mounts cow and inserts his penis into the cow, ejaculates then dismounts.

No, a horse is part of the equine "family", while a cow (female, and bull being male) is from the bovine "family". In this context, family can be considered to be the species.

They don't. That has never happened before, and likely never will. When you cross a White Shorthorn cow with a Black Angus bull you will get a grey calf (this is how the Murray Grey breed came about, by the way). The same thing occurs if you put a Black Angus bull on a Charolais cow.

A steer or bull cow is a male cow. The female cow is usually called a heifer. A dairy cow is sometimes called a milker.

No. A bull is the male counterpart of a cow, not a "type" of cow. Bulls aren't cows, technically speaking.

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