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While she may not have aritten a Will herself, everyone actually has one! It is just if you don't write your own, the State has already done so for you. depending on where you are will determine exactly what rules they have made. Generally, the fact that the decedent owned something with another person, relative or not, will not change what obligations or rights to anything the other person has. Which is to say, this daughter will have the same rights to the 1/2 of the home she didn't own (as well as the other children), as she would had they not jointly owned. 9yes, there are questions about how titlw is held - like if it a tennancy with surviorship). It is fair to say that any of the decendents assets, in this case the 1/2 ownership of her home, could be sold off as needed and used to pay off any debts, including those incured post mortem. The estate is responsible for the medical bills and funeral expenses. Open an estate with the probate court, creditors make their claims against the estate and the estate will pay what it can. If the bills are excessive, you should definitely contact a probate attorney. In regard to the mobile home, most states require mobile homes to be titled in the same manner as vehicles when the home is situated on rented lot/space. Mobile homes that are permanently installed on land that is owned are a different issue. If the home is titled in any manner other than Tenants-In-Common (sometimes referred to as Tenancy-In Common) it is not subject to probate, but passes directly to the co-owners/title holders. If the title to the home does not specify how it is held the state's default laws will apply.

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Q: Are adult children responsible for the medical bills and funeral expenses of a widowed parent who died without a Will and co-owned a mobile home with a daughter?
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