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While she may not have aritten a Will herself, everyone actually has one! It is just if you don't write your own, the State has already done so for you. depending on where you are will determine exactly what rules they have made. Generally, the fact that the decedent owned something with another person, relative or not, will not change what obligations or rights to anything the other person has. Which is to say, this daughter will have the same rights to the 1/2 of the home she didn't own (as well as the other children), as she would had they not jointly owned. 9yes, there are questions about how titlw is held - like if it a tennancy with surviorship). It is fair to say that any of the decendents assets, in this case the 1/2 ownership of her home, could be sold off as needed and used to pay off any debts, including those incured post mortem. The estate is responsible for the medical bills and funeral expenses. Open an estate with the probate court, creditors make their claims against the estate and the estate will pay what it can. If the bills are excessive, you should definitely contact a probate attorney. In regard to the mobile home, most states require mobile homes to be titled in the same manner as vehicles when the home is situated on rented lot/space. Mobile homes that are permanently installed on land that is owned are a different issue. If the home is titled in any manner other than Tenants-In-Common (sometimes referred to as Tenancy-In Common) it is not subject to probate, but passes directly to the co-owners/title holders. If the title to the home does not specify how it is held the state's default laws will apply.

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Who is responsible for funeral expenses of mother living with daughter?

If there is no living spouse, the children are responsible. If the daughter is the only child, it is her responsibility. In return for raising children and the expenses associated with it, I would think the least a parent could expect is for their child to pay for their funeral.

Who is responsible for funeral expenses of their mother?

her children.

Are adult children responsible for burial expenses of an unmarried parent?

No, children are not legally obligated to pay for a parents funeral.

Is a surviving family out of state responsible for medical expenses?

No, but the estate the deceased left may be responsible for these expenses.

Who is responsible for Burial Expenses in PA?

The estate is responsible for the burial expenses. The Funeral Home may also hold anyone who signed the agreements responsible.

Are you legally responsible for 17 yr old pregnant daughter in Colorado?

You are responsible for your children until they are adults. And in Colorado that is not until they turn 18.

Father has full custody of children. Mother pays child support for them. Who is responsible for child care expenses?

The father does, since the mother is paying her share towards the children in the form of child support.

Are you responsible for any debt your daughter has after she left home?

If your daughter has reached the age of majority, no, you are not. If she has not, you can be held responsible for providing for her welfare.

If an enagagement is broke off can you be responsible for wedding expenses paid?

Yes you can be responsible for the expenses because you can get in trouble with the law and will have to pay back the money if the engagement was not true to begin with. It can be considered as fraud.

Are both parents responsible for pre-school bill in Indiana?

It will depend on the marital status. If they are married, yes, they are equally responsible. If they are divorced, or never married, the court order determines child support and responsibility for the children and their expenses.

If a stepdaughter elects to postpone surgery until after she emancipates will the condition be pre-existing and will your husband still be liable for the expenses if her and her mother wait?

Answerif the daughter isn't his then he won't have to pay medical expenses. if he has her on his insurance take her off. bilogical father is responsible for part of the medical and real mother. if she get emancipated she is on her own for any medical procedures. if mother is married and doesn't work, she is responsible with bilogical father on getting daughter help. if daughter turns 18 or even moves out and is acting as a legal adult, the daughter will be billed for the surgery. if she moves out take her off the insurance.if she is working and the company offers insurance for her job, let that cover the surgery.

Is daughter responsible for uninsured visitor moms medical bills?

Her estate will be responsible. Indirectly, the daughter will either have to pay it or get a smaller inheritance.

Can a responsible daughter that's 12 years old babysit her 2 year old brother?

It depends on the child, some children are more mature then others, if you fully trust the child and you think that she knows enough about children then yes. Children start to be more responsible and trustworthy to babysit between 11-15...

Who is responsible for funeral expenses when there is no insurance?

Who ever makes the arrangements, family

Why do you observe and plan for children individually?

simply because u want them to be in good. to raise them as a responsible daughter/son to the family, a good citizen to the nation

If I have been paying half of household expenses with my fiance can I be held responsible for child support if he loses his job?

If it is your child then you do not need to be held responsible. You are responsible.

Is a spouse responsible for daily expenses?

absolutely she or he responsible for what ever happening in the premises of family setup.what ever the matter us both are equally responsible.

What are your children to your uncles daughter?

your uncles daughter is your cousin so to your children they are 2nd cousins x

Are the surviving children responsible for paying off their own debt backed by the estate of the deceased?

The estate is responsible for paying off the bills of the deceased, first and foremost. Surviving children should not have access to the funds until the estate is settled. If the children are minors, the court will appoint a guardian and will usually advance living expenses to insure they aren't without money and a place to live.

Can a daughter of divorced mother claim education and other expenses from her father?


Am I legally responsible to still pay child support for my daughter once my daughter has her own child in Florida?

Yes, as long as she is under the age limit for child support you are still liable, even if hs has children of her own.

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