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no there not interchangeable, its a whole different style , the best way is to smoke the tail lights u know traparent paint Black

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โˆ™ 2007-06-28 19:45:06
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Q: Are aftermarket tail lights from a Tercel interchangeable with a '92 Paseo?
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How do you replace the flasher on a Toyota Paseo?

My only knowledge is that the tercel may have exchangeable parts with the Paseo.

Is the windshild on a 93 Tercel the same as on a 93 Paseo?

No they are different

Is the mirror on a 92 Tercel the same as a 92 Toyota Paseo?

I believe they are styled different but will fit. I am parting out a 92 paseo and have both mirrors.

Will 1992 Toyota Tercel motor fit in a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

it should they r the same

Can you put a 5spd man transmission from a Toyota Paseo into a Toyota tercel 93 with a 4spd man transmission?

Yes you can direct swap

1992 Toyota Paseo blow fuses rear taillight?

I have a 92 Paseo also, I had this problem also. I put a aftermarket radio in and for some reason I connected something wrong. I disconnected the radio and ran a inline fuse straight from the battery to the radio. Works fine!!

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How do you make a 1996 Paseo gauge cluster work on a 1997 Tercel CE when the tach temp and highbeams are not working?

you have to match the corect year and date if you have a 97 u will need a 97 cluster

How can you make the gauge cluster of a 1996 Toyota Paseo with a tach work on a 1997 Toyota Tercel?

i think it's a plug and play thing since the plugs ang wiring are nearly identical

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Why does your headlights come on when you hit the breaks1992 paseo Toyota?

Please check that the brake light bulbs are installed correctly and that they are not back feeding the side lights

What is the bulb type for Toyota Paseo 1997?

Headlights - H4 Side repeaters - 10mm W5W Trunk - 10mm W5W Foglights - H1 Parking lights - W5W Indicators - P21W Taillights (stop lights) - P21/5W Taillights (indicators) - P21W Reversing lights - P21W Licence plate light - W5W Spoiler brake light - P21W from: (

Plug gap for 92 Toyota Paseo?

The proper gap for your Paseo is .043

A diagram of 94 Toyota paseo?

where is the flasher located on a 1992 toyota paseo

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93 paseo does use R-12.

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a 1997 Toyota paseo i forget to tell...H4?

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I need timing mark for Toyota paseo

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