Are airsoft wars legal in Illinois?

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As long as they are performed on private property with the owner's consent, no they are not.
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Are airsoft guns legal in Illinois?

The state of Illinois does not allow you to use and handle airsoft guns publicly. However, you may still own, sell, or buy an airsoft gun.

Are there any airsoft stores in Illinois?

there is a store in Antioc IL called AAA tactical Airsoft. I have airsofted for 4 years and this is the only airsoft specialty store i know of. i have also seen some decent gu

Are there any airsoft shops in Illinois?

No dude, it sucks. There are no stores even outside the city where there is a huge following. I'm from Naperville and I've just made all my purchases online through airsplat.c

Is airsoft legal?

yes, if not brandished or shot at anyone random in public without permission or eyewear.

How do you have a airsoft war?

There are two different types: Mercenary and Formed. Mercenary is when not everyone has the same equipment, you use what you buy. Formed is when everyone has the same equipmen
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How many airsoft fields are in Illinois and what are they?

There are a few, try looking on or for more info. -CPX Sports (OK at best) -Paintball Explosion (best so far) -Realms of Ruin tese a
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Is there an airsoft league in lombard Illinois?

Yes. I'm the head of one league in Lombard. We haven't gotten a team name yet but we will soon. We are all in 5th grade and are graduating in two weeks, but don't let that