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Alaglass typically sells fiberglass drop-in pools similar to a fiberglass bathtub.These are very inexpensive Swimming Pools and are the least durable of types of swimming pools.Griffin typically sells in-ground vinyl liner pools.These pools have a solid bottom made typically of vermiculite with steel panels for walls.Then a vinyl liner is installed over it and clipped into place at the top.There is a third type of pool called a gunite pool.These are made of a combination of steel and gunite(a type of concrete),then coated with a waterproof plaster.The advantage of these pools is that they can be designed to any shape you want and they are capable of lasting 20+years with proper maintenance.The disadvantage is they are the most expensive of the three and are the hardest to demolish when you are finally ready to get rid of it.Now if you are interested in which company is the best company to get to build it,that is a crap shoot.The best thing to do is to make sure that everything that is promised to you is put in writing and signed and witnessed by all concerned parties.And no matter how much they ask...DO NOT GIVE THE FINAL CHECK UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH ALL DETAILS OF THE PROJECT,NO MATTER HOW SMALL.That is just giving away your final say in the project and not giving them any incentive to correct any problems that may have been encountered during the build and put off until the end(and dont think that it wont happen.Good luck. Now ask yourself would you rather have a fiberglass bathtub or a vinyl liner bathtub? whos fooling who, Viking fiberglass pools have a lifetime warranty! You decide.

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Q: Are alaglass or griffin pools better pools?
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