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No, Aliens are not involved in this movie

Did you see this movie? Of course aliens are involved in this movie . . . I don't want to throw the end, But yes aliens appear complete with space ship!

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Are the aliens in kingdom of the crystal skull good?


Why does Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull have aliens in it?

Because George Lucas has totally lost it, as evident by the second Star Wars trilogy (1999-2005).

Were there aliens involved during World War 2?


What was NOT true about the Korean War?

Space aliens were involved.

How do space aliens behave?

It probably depends on the race of space aliens involved. As of yet, scientists have not found any evidence that space aliens exist.

What type of accidnets should be investigated?

The ones with aliens involved

What are the ops cheat codes for both aliens and astronaugts in crystal alien conflict?


Is a child born in the United Kingdom of illegal aliens a citizen of the UK?


Who was originally cast to play the lead in Cowboys and Aliens?

Ella indiana Jones and keith lemon

Who built pyramids during the old kingdom?

The aliens helped the Egyptians build it.

How many 'aliens' survived the 1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash?

All of the 0 aliens involved survived the 1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash.

What is the name of the movie where aliens abduct a few people and give them each a crystal that is a weapon?

my nipples are sore

Who were the traders that were involved in the exchange of goods transported along the silk road trade route?


In mysims kingdom wii how do you get aliens?

Use your metal detector near the first door on uncharted isle.

Did you have to do build the pharaohs tomb no matter what?

yes, unless they were built by the aliens. in which case, no human labor was involved.

Why did Steven Spielberg put aliens in the new Indiana Jones movie?

George Lucas wrote the script to the new Indiana Jones movie. However, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford signed off on the script.

What states allow illegal aliens to get a state issued identification?

The United kingdom!!! (Tom Robinson is one) lol

Where did the aliens come from in the movie aliens?

The aliens from "Aliens in the Attic' came from a planet called "Zirkon".

Are aliens people like us?

Aliens are aliens, not humans, otherwise they wouldn't be called aliens.

How do you grow baby aliens out of aliens?

There is no evidence that aliens exist therefore the biology of aliens, if they do, is unknown

Are us the people aliens?

hoomans are aliens to other aliens

What are the names of the aliens in Unlimited Aliens and what do they do?

They are called Scardox Aliens.

Can aliens abduct you?

If there are aliens

How do aliens get babies?

There are no aliens.

What are some movies with aliens in them?

monstors vs. aliens and aliens in the attic

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