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Do all cells have the same size?

No. Cells do not have the same size nor the same shape.

Are stone cells the same in size?

No,all stone cells is not same in size..

Do all cells have the same shape and size?


Are all animal cells the same size?


All cells have the same shapes and size?


Do all the cells have the same size?


Are onion cells the same in size?

no all cells are different shaped.

Do large animals have llarger cells then small animals?

No they do not. They all have the same size of cells.

Does small animals have small cells?

No, all multicellular organisms have the same size cells.

Why are onion cells approximately the same shape?

Onion Cells are roughly the same shape because all plant cells have the same rectangular shape to them. Cells however rarely have the same size.

Does the number of chromosomes correspond to the size of an organism?

No. All nuclei in every cell in every organism are roughly the same size, no matter the number of chromosomes. Since all corresponding cells (neural cells in elephants and neural cells in humans, egg cells in chickens and egg cells in squirrels) are the same size, the size of the organism depends on the NUMBER of cells, not the size. Thus, the number of chromosomes has no effect on the size of the cell, and thus no effect on the organism's size.

Is the elephant cell have the same size of our cells?

Yes they are the same size, our cells and elephant cells are all animal cells, the cells within our bodies differ in size according to their function as do any other multicellular organisms, but if you took a cell from the heart of a human or from an elephant they would be close to each other in size.

Are all the cells the same size and shape?

Answeranimal and plants cells are the same size, they are about 10 micrometre. But bacteria or other invisible living things have dif sizes. THey have pretty much the same size, but some cells have bigger or smaller organelles inside. Does that help you?

Do the shapes of human Cells change from one person to another?

No, they don't. There are over 200 different types of cells in a human body. All have different functions and different sizes and shapes. But, each type is of the same size in every human. For example, the muscle cells would be of the same size in all the humans. the red blood cells are different from the muscle cells in terms of their function and their size and shape; however, all human will have the same size of red blood cells. Hope that helped..

Why are all the cells not the same size?

because indi cla pwehs XD.....

Are all cells the same size or shape?

no not all cells are the same size. Cells come in different sizes depending on where the cell is found or its organelles inside. Some cells have a flagellum that hepls it move and some cells have cilia that hepl it move these are two different ways of moving and thay are different sizes.

Are human cells the same size as the whale cells?

Yes they are the same size. The whale is a bigger animal because there are more of the cells, not because the cells are bigger.

Why are cells the same size?

They are not

Why are some cells so much bigger than others?

Cells are all the same size, however the amount of cells in a certain object differ. For example, the cell of an elephant and an ant are the same size, the elephant just has more.

Did dinosaurs have cells that were the same size of our do we have cells that are the same as an ant'?

Yes Yes

Are all sperm cells the same size regardless of the animal?

Under a microscope, yes

Does small animal have small cell?

All living things are made up of cells. Because they are small in size does not mean that their cell size is small. Generally cells are the same size between organisms.

Do larger animals have larger cells than smaller animals?

the cells are all the same size but larger animals just have more.

What cells are smaller than a human cell?

Not all human cells are the same size. There are cells of almost every multicellular organism which are larger or smaller than human cells. All bacterial cells are smaller than human cells.

Are all cells within the same plant the same?

No not all cells within the plant are the same. The reason is because not all cells in a leaf are the same

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