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Of course not, that's just a stereotype.

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Q: Are all colombians drug dealers
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Why are all drug dealers black?

Not all drug dealers are black They are only represented thatway in the movies and by the media, I supose they have their reasons.

what are drug dealers?

Drug Dealers are people who sell drugs to people for money.

Are drug dealers in New York City?

Yes, drug dealers are all over New York City.

Are colombians drug dealers?

Well let's not be stereotypical here. There was a lot of drug wars back in the 80's but today Colombia is one of the fastest industrializing countries in south America. If you have ever visited, you can see that it is a fascinating place.

Why are there only black drug dealers?

you can get drug dealers from any race

How many drug dealers exist?

You cant count how many drug dealers there are because no one is stupid enough to tell just anybody that they are drug dealers.

What are the highest paying jobs in Albuquerque New Mexico?

drug dealers drug dealers

What happens to drug dealers when they're caught?

Typically when drug dealers are caught they go to prison

Are drug dealers educated?

well some dealers are educated

How many drug dealers are executed?

Several hundred every year by the authorities, most of them in Asian countries. In Western countries, drug dealers can only get prison sentences. The drug dealers that are exectuted there, are executed by other drug dealers.

Where does drug dealers get their drugs from?

Drug dealers normally are part of a larger drug distributing operation, which likely has close ties to farms, labs, and processing facilities where drugs are grown, and refined. In a better sense, dealers receive their drugs from their superiors, who are essentially also dealers.

Are there white drug dealers or are there only black drug dealers?

Not, not all drug dealers are black. That is an offensive stereotype. It may be that there are more black (and Latino) drug dealers than white drug dealers, but the idea that all drug dealers are either black or Latino is absolutely false. And the reason there are more black and Latino drug dealers than white drug dealers has everything to do with economics and sociology, and nothing to do with any perceived differences between the races.You can make a lot of money selling drugs for a living. Most drug dealers have grown up poor and disadvantaged, with little or no opportunity for higher learning. If you live in an impoverished, inner-city neighborhood, and go to an underfunded, overcrowded public school, your chances of getting into a good college are very slim. Without a good education, it's hard to get a good job that pays well. You are forced to work a minimum-wage job with limited opportunities for advancement (like a fast-food worker).So, most drug dealers figure, "Well, I can work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week at McDonald's, for $7 an hour, with no opportunity for advancement besides becoming the manager and earning $10 an hour...or I could work 3 hours a day as a drug dealer, and make $10,000 a week." Since they cannot make a lot of money at a legitimate job, they choose an illegitimate one.So, since impoverished, inner-city neighborhoods are mostly populated by blacks and Latinos, it is not surprising that there are more black and Latino drug dealers than white drug dealers. It's not that blacks and Latinos are born criminals, or that blacks and Latinos are by nature immoral people.Furthermore, not all drug dealers are men. Female drug dealers are the minority, but they do exist.

How can marijuana be obtained?

By drug dealers.

Who sells ecstasy?

Drug dealers

Five examples of supply and demand?

drug dealers........drug addicts

Why do people become drug dealers?

People become drug dealers in order to make money in an illegal manner. Sometimes it is also used to support their own drug habit.

Do drug dealers in Columbia pay farmers to grow drugs?

Yes. The farmers make pure drugs and distribute them to other drug dealers, who cut them in order to decrease the concentration of the drug.

Should drug dealers have a harsher punishment?


Where do people get crack from?

from drug dealers of course.

Where can you get synthetic marijuana?

from a few drug dealers.

What did Christopher Columbus sons do?

they were drug dealers

Who makes illicit drugs?

drug dealers

How do i find a movie i can't remember the title to?

by knowing the theame of the movie or its actor,,

Why do drug dealers go to jail?

Possession and distribution of drugs is a crime, so drug dealers are arrested and charged with crimes when they sell drugs. In some areas, drug dealers are often also involved with violent crime, and are charged with those crimes as well.

Are drug dealers bad influences?

What can be done to keep drug dealer out of the community?