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Are all compounds containing H atoms acids?

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What field is inorganic chemistry?

Chemistry of all compounds not containing carbon atoms.

Carbon atoms in lipid's fatty acids?

Yes! In all organic compounds carbons should be present!

What does it mean when you have carbon in your body?

Nearly all of the compounds that make up your body and regulate your metabolism are carbon-containing compounds called organic compounds. All of the carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in your body are organic compounds.

What does H20 NaCl CO2 and HCl have in common?

All are chemical compounds containing two different atoms in the formula.

What is an organic compound containing oxygen?

All the sugars and carbohydrates as well as all alcohols, glycols, carboxylic acids and ketones are organic compounds containing oxygen. So C2H5OH ethanol does for example.

True or false Amines amides and amino acids are organic compounds containing the element?

They all contain Nitrogen, but not all substances containing nitrogen are organic componds, like amides, amines, amino acids. There are others: cyano- nitro-, imides, azo- , etc.

How are compounds and matter related?

Matter is made up of atoms. Compounds are made of atoms. Some matter (but not all) is compounds. All compounds are matter, but all matter is not compounds.

What compounds have carbon atoms?

All organic compounds contain carbon atoms. More than 90% of all compounds are organic

What type of inorganic compounds are in atoms?

Atoms do not contain compounds of any sort. All compounds, both organic and inorganic, are made of atoms.

What do all organic compounds contain?

AnswerThe key element is carbon. Organic compounds are all carbon-containing compounds.

What are all compounds made of?

All compounds are made of two or more atoms.

What are the building blocks of all compounds?

The building blocks of all compounds are atoms.

What is the basic building block of all compounds?

The basic building block of all compounds is atoms. Compounds contain atoms of at least two different elements bonded to one another. Thus, atoms of elements are what form compounds.

What are all acids made of?


Are almost all substances made of compounds?

No. Substances are made of atoms. Some atoms combine with other atoms to form compounds.

Are all molecular compounds composed of atoms of two or more different elements?

Yes, all the compounds are composed from different atoms.

What does lipids proteins and carbohydrate all have in common?

Lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates are all organic compounds. This means they all contain carbon atoms. The general formula for carbohydrates is CH2O meaning there are two hydrogen atoms for every carbon and oxygen atoms. Lipids are composed of an alcohol(ethanol) and a fatty acid. Proteins contain amino acids which are compounds that contain nitrogen.

Are all compounds with hydrogen in their formula acids?

It is not true; hydrids or hydrates etc. are not acids.

Do compounds always contain different types of atoms?

Yes, all the compounds contain different types of atoms.

What do elements compounds and mixtures have in common?

The commonalities that elements, compounds, and mixtures all have in common is that they all contain atoms. Even though they all contain atoms, the number of atoms vary in each of them.

How do atoms unite into compounds?

all the above

Do all atoms form compounds?


How many carbon atoms do all fatty acids have?

This is variable, some fatty acids are short with only a few carbon atoms while other fatty acids are long with many carbon atoms.

Can oxygen be liberated from all oxygen containing compounds?


How many acid elements are there?

None. All acids are compounds.

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