Are all crocodiles poisonous?

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Not all are poisonous
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What are the names of all poisonous spiders?

The below list includes some of the most dangerous spiders to humans. 1) Brazilian Wandering Spider 2) Sydney Funnel Web Spider 3) Widow Spiders (including the Black and Brown Widows) 4) Sand Spiders (mainly, the Six Eyed Sand Spider) 5) Recluse Spiders (including the Brown Recluse) 6) ( Full Answer )

What are all the poisons in cigarettes?

acetone:found in nail polish Ammonia: Household cleaner Angelica root extract: Known to cause cancer in animals Arsenic: Used in rat poisons Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber Butane: Gas; used in lighter fluid Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas Cadmium: Used in batteries Cyani ( Full Answer )

Are all scorpions poisonous?

All scorpions are poisonous, although not all scorpion poisons are harmful to humans. . No in fact they are quite friendly, you can hold them in your hand and pet them.

Can you name all poisonous snakes?

There are 800 species of poisonous snakes in the world and that is too many to list here, so click on the website below for some of them. A great site for snake pictures and info is available in the related link. NC has 37 species of snakes and only 6 are venomous.

Are all mushrooms poisonous?

No. Some can make you mini, grow a bit bigger in size, turn you into a giant, give you an extra life, or make you speed past everyone else.

Are all pit vipers poisonous?

Pit vipers ( Crotalinae ) are so named because of their characteristic loreal pits, organs on each side of their head between nostril and eye, which act as heat-detectors. They are venomous and should, like all snakes, be treated with respect and commonsense. Always assume any snake to be potent ( Full Answer )

Are all spiders poisonous?

To humans? No. In fact, most are not. 'Poisonous' is a term usually understood to mean harmful or even deadly to humans. Most spiders simply aren't dangerous to people. All spiders have some kind of venom, in order to disable their prey. But most spiders have venom that is either medically ha ( Full Answer )

Are all water snakes poisonous?

No. The only poisonous watersnake in North America is thecottonmouth, otherwise known as the water moccasin. Ok. Not only are cottonmouths not poisonous, they are also nowherenear the only venomous snake in North America. There are lots andlots of venomous snakes in North America. To answer the ask: ( Full Answer )

Are all crocodiles herbivores?

Crocs are Carnivores, not Herbivores. . They would prefer a hamburger rather than a salad.

Why aren't all acids poisonous?

Anything - in sufficient quantity - will poison us. I suppose some acids are weak enough to be digestible without noticeable harm.

Can you die from all poison?

you could died all kinds of poison so the stupid that dont know here is the answer In theory yes, if you took enough. For example- alcohol is technically a poison, but it wont kill you unless recklassly consumed. The black widow spider produces a poison that, if you were to get bitten by on ( Full Answer )

Are all sea crates poisonous?

A Sea Crate is a type of sea snake. All Sea snakes are generally venomous. The Katuali, If I am not mistaken is a the sea crate that is highly venomous. Only recently have they started studying this type of sea snake. check out Dr. Bryan Fry's program on animal planet

Are all spiny starfish poisonous?

it depends on which one, most are not poisonous, although many have an intriguing look to ward predators from attacking.

Are all centipedes poisonous?

lol no it really matters where you live. The ones in Oregon are not poisinous however the ones mosty in Florida are. =] ! .________.

Are all arachnids poisonous?

No, many are not. Solifugae are not, nor are mites or ticks. Many spiders and scorpions inject venom, but not all do.

Are all frogs poisonous?

No and if they are not all of them are deadly. no, but some frogs, (mostly blue or red ones) are.

Are all platypuses poisonous?

Platypuses are not poisonous at all, but adult males have venomous spurs on their ankles. Female platypuses do not have venom, but they are born with spurs. These spurs fall off by the time the young female is about a year old.

Can crocodiles be poisonous?

We don't necessarily consider the croc to have a toxic bite, or, for those who eat them, toxic flesh. These largest of the living reptiles are dangerous enough without venom or poisonous parts.

What do poison dart frogs do all day?

They wait for insects to eat to come by, and maybe for a chance tobreed with another frog. And they try to keep away from any animalthat might want to have a go at eating them.

What are all the stuff that are poison?

Some snakes fangs can be poisonous. They have a small hole in their fangs that then can release a portion of poison after they have bitten you. It is best that you stay away from snakes. If you do come up to one, grab it by it's neck because it is unable to bite you then. Not sure what your questi ( Full Answer )

Worst crocodile attack of all time?

It was really really bad. Many young souls died at sea. Hundreds of crocodiles swarmed at the Indian nation along the Nile. There were several survivors... Neither have arms or legs.

Are all snake bites poisonous?

The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is, maybe. Recent work with snakes has shown that most if not all Colubrid snakes produce a mild venom that is mixed in with their saliva. Many Natricine snakes were already known to produce a mild venom as well. As work continues with more snake spe ( Full Answer )

Why do crocodiles smile all the time?

Both the alligator and the crocodile have a pair of extra long teeth in their lower jaws. The alligator has two pits in his upper ,jaw, and when he closes his mouth the long, lower teeth fit right into these pits, out of sight. The long, lower teeth of the crocodile fit into grooves on the outside o ( Full Answer )

Are all venomous snakes poisonous?

No, venomous snakes are not necessarily poisonous. A poison issomething that makes you ill or kills you if you consume it. Avenom is something that kills you or makes you ill if you areinjected with it. People routinely eat venomous snakes with no illaffects.

Can poison toads kill crocodiles?

Under my recent research done in cairo, egypt, i have discovered that indeed the poison in toads is potent enough to kill even the largest of crocodiles. This venomous posion can even kill a T-REX! trust me, im a doctor

Are all spores poisonous?

Not all of 'em. Let's have one good example, the spores of death cap mushroom ( Amanita Phalloides) will consume you fast yet some of them should be cultivated to enhance our lives with quality. Like any species of the genus Psylocibe. \m/

Do all spiders have poison?

no, not all spiders have poison if so than more people would die from spider bites.

What do all crocodiles look like?

Not all look the same but all have extremely sharp teeth since they don't chew (they rip apart and swallow whole). They have tough dense scales and tiny legs. Not all are green either.

Are all tadpoles poisonous?

No they r not poisonous you dumbo thats so rediculous OMG wow your dumb good luck :D

Are all scorpions poison?

Yes in fact all scorpions are poisonous, all scorpions, even young/infant scorpions inject the same amount of venom and the same type of venom.

Are all poisons dangerous to every species?

Depends on if a certain species' immune system is able to break down the poison before it can harm the species. Super-toxins are believed to be able to kill ANYTHING.

Is mosquito repellent - All Out poisonous?

All Out is a specific type of mosquito repellent that works in avaporizer. It is poisonous to the insects, but can be safelyinhaled by humans.

Do all frogs have poison?

Not all. Some such as poison dart frogs do but not all frogs are poisonous.

IS crocodile bile poisonous?

In Tanzania, it is widely known that a crocodile bile is a poison.After killing a crocodile, they bury its bile in front ofwitnesses. In January of 2015, there was an incident in Mozambique where 72people were killed by beer contaminated with crocodile bile. Therewere 35 more hospitalized.

What are all the adaptations of a salt water crocodile?

They have body lengths of5 to 7m. Weigh between 400 to 700 k gs. Grey or brown in color and they a broad heavy set body with a large head. There jaws are strong and they have short strong limps

Is all toothpaste is poisonous to our health?

Toothpaste is only dangerous when swallowed. The pea-sized amount is recommended for small children as they may accidently swallow the toothpaste and the small amount would prevent anything bad happening to them. Otherwise, toothpaste that contains fluoride is vital for helping to strengthen your te ( Full Answer )

Are all spiders and snakes poisonous?

Every single spider is venomous. They need venom to help breakdown the organs in their prey. Some are quite more potent then others. For example a jumping spider and a black widow. A jumping spider bites you no harm will be done. But if a black widow gets ahold of you, that can cause immediate damag ( Full Answer )

Do crocodile have poisons?

NO,crocodiles are not heloderms to have poison glands underneath their teeth,they only use their brude power to take down their prey besides they need to use their long jaws which has a bite force of 3000-4000 pounds/inch2 this power should not go in vain.Sometimes the bite force increases so much t ( Full Answer )

Does all poison affect humans?

No. Organophosphate pesticides kill insects not humans because humanscan break them down. But other organophosphate poisons called nervegases kill both insects and humans. This same effect is true for many other poisons, some organisms canbreak them down while others can't. Bacteria and some plants ( Full Answer )

Do all bee stings have poison?

Bee stings inject a toxin or venom called apitoxin, which is abitter colourless liquid. Bee venom causes local inflammation andacts as an anticoagulant. It is not a poison.

Do all jellyfish have poison?

Jelly fish are an amazing species. They kind of remind me of snakes but like flying. And shaky. They do not all have poison. but some do. If they sting you, you are going to feel it. It wont feel pretty either. Don't let that stop you from being you. I know you wanna be a famous surfer one day and y ( Full Answer )

Does all snake has poison?

Technically, no snake is poisonous. However, some snakes arevenomous. Only about 1 out of every 4 species of snake is venomous.

Were dragons based on snakes crocodiles dinosaurs or all of the above?

Probably not dinosaurs, since they were unknown during the "dragon-creation" period. Actually, dragons can resemble a great many animals, real and fanciful, inculding camels, harpy eagles, hippotamuses, serpents, toads (!) and carp. Mostly, though, dragons are creatures of the imagination.

What is the poisonous snake of all?

The most deadliest snake in the world, by some scientists score, is the coral snake. Although it is a small snake, its venom is horribly potent and can cause death within an hour.