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Are all governments the same?

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no, the are not

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Many countries have governments that are different from the one in the US but all governments are the same in the they all?

Make laws ~all governments make laws~ Nova net lession~ Vickeh xP

How were the state governments alike?

They all had the same amount of power

What is the weapon of totalitarianism?

the same of all governments, corporations, religions, etc. THE PEOPLE

All state governments are set up exactly the same in the US?


How are all governments the same?

They all make laws. They all consist of people governing people. This is fundamental, and is easily overlooked.

All state governments are set up exactly the same in the United States?


Do all governments have representatives?

No. All governments do not have representatives. When the United States was established, most governments did not have representatives.

In some ways all governments are similar how?

all governments have representatives

Do all governments have representitives?

No, some governments are not democratic.

1 In what ways are the relationships between local governments and state governments different than the relationships between state governments and the federal government?

All Governments are Equal. They just make different decisions in many different ways no government is the same. No Government is more special than the others.

How did colonial governments influence the government you have today?

The governemts imoacted us with all of its practices are alomost the same as today

What do all governments provide their citizens with?

The governments should provide their citizens with all their human and universal rights as described by the constitution. All governments for instance are supposed to guarantee the safety of their citizens.

Do gay people have the same rights as everyone else?

All people have the same rights, however, as of 2014, Most governments, including the United States, do not recognize all of those rights for gay people.

All governments do what?


Same about market and command economy?

both have governments

what was an “unalienable right” that all governments should protect?

The right to personal liberty

Is it true or false that all authoritarian governments are equally oppressive to their citizens?

All authoritarian governments are not equally oppressive to their citizens.

How are the European absolutist governments different?

All European governments seemed similar, but they're actually different regarding structure in their governments

What is the definition of pan-government?

if the prefix "pan" means "all" or "all members of", then it seems pan-government means all governments or all members of governments ...

Why were the activities of the pirates privateers and buccaneers suppress by their governments?

When the pirates starting attacking ships of the same governments that originally hired them.

Do all governments have written constitutions?


Why are governments sorted?

All of the above

Which county has mean governments?

All of them

What is someone who opposes all organized governments called?

An anarchist is someone who opposes all organized governments. This beleif is called anarchy.

Are village and town governments the same as the city'?

Depending on the types of government the municipalities have established to govern themselves, they are all probably VERY similar.

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