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Are all mankind to be saved by Christ?

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Christ Can Save All God provided a way for all mankind to be saved. The Bible says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" -John 3:16

God sent His son Jesus to the earth as a man to take the punishment of sin for ALL mankind. Jesus was perfect so he could take the punishment for others' sins. Jesus suffered a cruel death on the cross but three days later he rose from the dead. Since he died and rose from the dead we can ALL be saved. Now, ALL mankind CAN be saved but it is each individual's choice whether they will accept God's gift of salvation. It is common knowledge that not everyone believes what God says in the Bible, thus, there are some who will never be saved. Unfortunately God cannot allow sin into heaven so those who do not accept His salvation will have to receive their punishment in hell. So it is vital that ALL accept God's gift of salvation so they may escape hell and live in heaven forever with the Lord! Not all "Many be called but few chosen" (Matthew 20: l6).


Yes. Jesus can save all that will believe in Him and renounce sin and follow Him (his lead). If he was unable to save all would He be God? It is God's desire that no one is lost not one.

Unfortunately, many (my personal belief) will be lost because they will not believe and follow.


Note that it also depends on what you mean by "save". We are taught that "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." (1 Cor 15:22) --- so all will be resurrected and saved from physical death. On the other hand, what happens AFTER that depends on their relationship with Christ. If they reject him, they will essentially die a second, spiritual death, being cut off from God for all eternity - to wit - damned. Those who are not thus cut off will be saved from this second, spiritual death and be "saved" in that respect.

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It is a tenet of Christian belief that Christ was sent to save all mankind.

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Why are all mankind not saved by Christ?

All mankind are saved because of Jesus Christ.

What Christ completed for sinful mankind?

Jesus Christ completed our salvation from the sinful nature we all inherited from our forefather Adam. By believing in what Jesus did for us we are saved.

What sin of mankind did Jesus Christ die for?

All sins of mankind Christ died for either grave or light or Mortal sin or Venial. Christ died for all the sins of any man or woman that believes and follows him.

Who saved the most souls of all time?


How did God achieve his purpose of redemption for mankind by sending Jesus?

Jesus redeemed mankind by taking upon Him the sins of the world. All mankind can now be saved.

Do Mormon husbands decide Heaven or Hell for wife?

No. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that Jesus Christ is the final judge of all mankind and that only He may decide if a person will be saved or damned.

What were the main principles of Christ teaching?

1. That He is the son of a living god. 2. The He is the Christ and no one can go to the father but by Him and through Him. 3. That He will die for the sins of all mankind, that by His death all mankind will be saved by obedience to laws and ordinances of the gospel. 4. That we shall have no other God's but God the father. 5. That we must love all mankind whatever their deeds. 6. That we keep the commandments. 7. That the God head are three separate beings, God the Father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Ghost. Each one having but one purpose that of having all of the Fathers children have the opportunity to return to Him.

Does Chris Brown believe in God and is he a saved Christian?

that is for God to judge wheteher he deserves to b saved or not Edit: Whether or not Chris Brown believes in God or if he is a saved Christian is between him and God. Not whether he deserves to be saved or not because all mankind does not deserve to be saved but it is through the grace and mercy of God that we are saved. What Chris Brown believes may be publicly known, but his relationship with Jesus Christ is between him and God.

The Good News Approaches to the gospel?

It is a Good News in the Gospels because it is the proclamation of Christ son of the living God who died and save us all from our sins.You can be saved if you would be forgiven by Christ through confession.The Good News is expressing the salvation of mankind and to know the last revelation which is Jesus Christ himself.

What is the belief that all mankind can be saved?

1 word. 3 letters. 1 meaning. GOD.

What is Gods amazing grace?

Grace is getting something you do not deserve. Mankind has turned away from God and because of this God will judge all of mankind. However God has provided away for man to be saved from God's coming judgment. This way of salvation is through God's son Jesus Christ - this is God's amazing grace God has given mankind a way of escape even though mankind deserves God's judgment

Which commnutiy' s were the gospels for?

The gospel is for all mankind, and not any perticular comunity as all have sinned and all need to be saved.

Which is more significant the Birth of Christ or the Death of Christ?

The Death Of Christ is more significant, because that was how He Saved us all from sin. His Resurrection conquered Death for us all too.

Will Christians be saved?

The Bible teaches that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is for all mankind. So many will be saved when given the truth and opportunity to decide upon accepting Christ or not. Yes, in their lifetimes, many believe that because they are in a particular branch of Christianity, they are automatically saved. But this is not the case and many will find it out at the Judgment Process. Currently, God the Father is only calling the firstfruits in their lifetimes - the Spring or smaller harvest. At the end of the Millennial Rule, the larger/fuller Fall harvest will include the vast majority of all who God created.

Is George Jones Saved?

George says, "He is saved." All anyone can do is to take him at his word. For only the individual, God, and Jesus Christ knows if an individual is truly saved.

Is evil powerful than god?

God, father of Jesus Christ and all mankind is the most powerful of all. No question about that.

Jesus Christ is the son of the God and he came to save all mankind?

That is true according to Christian belief.

Did Christ die only for those on the saved list?

No Christ died for everyone. Even though he wants everyone saved.

What is the importance of Jesus Christ?

Since Adam all mankind was born as being tainted with the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. This being so all mankind would be resurrected but would have no chance to return to Gods presence unless someone atoned on behalf of mankind. Christ was the only sinless one who was able to do this. It was He who gave his life in payment for the transgressions of Adam and mankind. This payment of the debt has no effect on any of Gods children unless they repent and accept Christ as their savior. That they will be resurrected is true but they will not spent the eternities with God.

What is the reality of Christianity?

That salvation is available to all mankind through Jesus Christ if we repent, change our sinful ways, and become disciples (imitators) of Christ to the very end.

What do you have to do is be saved?

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and your household.

What does the body and blood of christ mean?

This signifies how Christ sacrificed his life for all mankind by dying on the torture stake. His blood was shed and his perfect body was killed to buy Adam's offspring (mankind) out of the sin and death they inherited by means of Adam and Eve's rebellion.

A Islam verse?

If you are looking for just a random verse, here is one:" whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind."taken from verse 5:32 of the Holy Quran.

Can a person be saved by keeping the ten commandments?

No you can not be saved at all, with the help of the ten commandments only, You must admit in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins, then only can you be saved. Otherwise you are lost for ever.

Which man was saved because he was just?

noah is the man who was saved because he was beliving in christ